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Hi everybody, not too much longer for me to go now... i'm 26/27wks pregnant so i really can't wait till the end. KD is walking now YAY!!!! she is almost 12mths old. to all mackay mums who are unaware there is a local forum called parents playground & the site address is i hope to chat to u all again soon mwah Lizzie [Edited on 08/09/2007]


To all Mackay mums If u r unaware there is a site with a forum that is completely mackay & district mums & bubs we have meets & playgroups & the ladies are wonderful i have met a few of them & they r very welcoming.... the site address if ne1 is interested is hope to see some of u on the site Lots of luvv Lizzie BTW i am now EDD 09/12/07 - & Kd is getting even closer to walking YAY!!!!!!!!!!! [Edited on 07/08/2007]

hi mum of heidi, i'm quite sure my Sisters DP had to pay money back cos he owed money, my sister doesn't work either so i don't know exactly what you can do about it. sorry, i just thought i'd let u know u weren't the only 1

my DH won't leave me alone when im pregnant he get turned on by pregnant women. sorry if TMI

hi peady, my sister proposed to her now Husband so i think that it should be ok, but most men are like no & then ask you like the next day or something cos they wanted to propose to you. have you two been talking about marriage or being engaged? my husband gave me the ring first in the morning for valentines day then after i made him dinner that night he asked me to marry him. not the exact way i was expecting it to happen but still romantic i suppose.

hi Mika's mummy, my name's lizzie & i'm from Mackay 19yrs old wit a 9 1/2mth old with #2 on the way, i'm on the forum everyday so if you wanna have a chat just put a post up & i'll get back to you asap k, it would be great to chat to other mackay mums. any who check back later [Edited on 22/07/2007]

oh i forgot to tell you, we got our suits from rodger david (got a discount cos of how many suits we hired alot of places will do this), got the cakes from the cheesecake shoppe($95), we used all differnt cars my DH's Magna my sisters DP's ford XR6 a friend of DH's XR6 & FIL's Lancer(they were all different colors too i think it looks good to have the different cars). we made our own bonboniere as well(so much cheaper). Good idea to wait for the sales for your dress that's what i did. i can't think of anything else at the moment but when i do i'll let you know.

hi margiemumof2 it has an invite section & you can put different characters on them as well. hope this helps lizzie

hi my name's Lizzie, i was told this by a sister(nun) of all people i had to hear this from it was a sister, she advised us that if we wanted to concieve a girl sex at the beginning of ovulation will most likely be a girl as they are slower swimmers they are more likely to get there in time where as boys are fast swimmers & die off quicker so if you wanted a boy ttc towards the end of most firtile period. hope this makes sense Lizzie