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cooksie replied to topic HELP??

Hi Tanya7 take to 75th percentile thing as your baby being bigger than average (50%) but not huge (100%). To me this sounds really good, you know you have a strong healthy baby. Personally I don'...

Saturday 19 April 01:36pm

cooksie started new topic Help pls - tickling on cervix ??

Hi all I'm hoping someone is able to tell me if this is normal or not. I am currently 20wks pregnant with my second child and he's been sitting really low down for a while now, and feeling him on...

Wednesday 26 March 12:03pm

cooksie started new topic HUMIRA anyone?

Hi there just wondering if anyone is familiar with the drug HUMIRA? Have they, or know anyone who has taken the drug while pregnant or breastfeeding? thanks in advance if there is anyone out th...

Tuesday 28 August 05:58pm

cooksie replied to topic bibs? Do newborns use them

hi there i breastfeed and found i only use bibs when i express and bottle fed. but i do use washers when i breastfeed dd because she sprays milk everywhere ( i use washers because i found the mil...

Friday 06 July 04:05pm

cooksie replied to topic Bassinette To Cot

hi there does she sleep in the bassinette during the day with no worries? i started putting my daughter in a cot at about the 8 week mark, but only at night. still to this day if i try and put h...

Wednesday 27 June 04:12pm

cooksie replied to topic Hard To Burp Baby

hi there sometimes when my little one doesn't burp for me i lie her flat on her back for a little while, as soon as i pick her up she burps! another position she likes to burp in, i lie flat on my...

Wednesday 27 June 03:59pm

cooksie replied to topic Sex after C-Section

hi there i had a caesar too - and felt same as you. i think maybe we tried a bit too soon - about the 6 wk mark. it's now been 14 wks for me and so much better. that funny feeling you mentioned...

Saturday 09 June 05:12am

cooksie replied to topic baby with smelly ear

hi there joski, i think you're right - it's always after her bath that i notice it, last night i noticed it is both her ears now. nadine-annabelle - great idea thanks, i've got one of those seats...

Saturday 09 June 05:01am

cooksie replied to topic one breast vs both

hi there since the beginning i have always only fed from the one breast at each feed. baby girl is now 3 months and weighs over 7 kilos so i must have enough milk for her! i have never had a pro...

Thursday 07 June 05:30am

cooksie started new topic baby with smelly ear

hi there i noticed the other night my 14wk old girl has a smelly ear. i try to keep her ears clean by sticking my fingernail in - not too far - and clearing out the gunk (not very much) pretty re...

Monday 04 June 01:39pm

cooksie replied to topic Please help!!

hi stephania you poor darling! i'm glad you went to the lactation consultant and hopefully got your attatchement sorted out. the dame thing happened tot me - midwives telling me baby was attaching...

Monday 04 June 01:20pm

cooksie replied to topic baby snacking

hi there as they get older they do get a lot quicker at feeding. maybe she's had her fill (especially if during the day she's not falling off to sleep, just no longer interested). When she wake...

Wednesday 09 May 07:50am

cooksie replied to topic Awake too much?

hi there I wouldn't worry about waking her at 10:30(etc) for a feed. If she's putting on weight and her nappies are wet, I think leave her be - she knows best what she needs. If you are worried ...

Wednesday 09 May 07:40am

cooksie replied to topic trippy gas anyone??!!

i wouldn't have handled my labour without the gas. When I arrived at the hospital I was 5cm, throwing up with the pain and thinking, I can't do this without pain relief. I was asking for pethadin...

Wednesday 02 May 06:31am

cooksie started new topic RE: Bottom lip quivering

someone told me it is their underdeveloped nervous systems ??

Wednesday 02 May 06:05am
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