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Jade78 started new topic Help needed - we are having a boy!

Hi, I have twin girls called Charlotte and Georgia. Our surname is Abraham. We need help picking a boy's name that goes well with the above. Names that are all ready taken in the family are Lew...

Monday 24 December 04:37pm

Jade78 replied to topic JUNE 2012

Hi, After a MC in Dec, my husband and I will be TTC around the end of June/Jul. At this stage I am currently trying to lose weight (have so far lost about 7kgs. Hopefully by the end of June I w...

Friday 04 May 12:40am

Jade78 replied to topic D&C - Primolut-N

Hi Working-Mummy, So sorry for your lost:-( The pain is awful and your emotions are just all of the place. I wish it would all just end so that I can start off over again. Now we are both playi...

Sunday 18 December 05:08am

Jade78 started new topic D&C - Primolut-N

Hi, I had a scan at 9 weeks and found out that the baby had stop growing - missed abortion. It wasn't until two weeks after that that I was finally booked into have the D&C. I had the D&C on the ...

Friday 16 December 09:51pm

Jade78 replied to topic TTC Janurary 2011

Wow jade78 twin girls! Do twins run in the family? Or were your girls the first? I bet that was a shock when you found out! At least if your destined for twins again you already have the experienc...

Monday 25 October 09:06pm

Jade78 replied to topic TTC Janurary 2011

Hi Everyone, Yes, my DH and I are planing to ttc in Jan as well for number 3 (only) we hope! We have ident.twins girls!!! Aged 4 in Dec. We would love to have just one - but if multiples comes o...

Sunday 24 October 07:39am

Jade78 started new topic TTC or should we wait?

Hi, I have Idential twin girls or will be 4 in Dec. I am still trying to make up my mind if we should TTC in Jan 11' or should we hold off for another year until the girls are at school. Also the...

Tuesday 12 October 01:14am

Jade78 replied to topic twins developmental milestones

Hi. MyID Twins were born at 32 weeks and are now 2 and a half. They are both saying about 20 words each, counting, ABC etc But they still have not said their names completely and don't put words ...

Sunday 12 July 05:15pm
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