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KKH started new topic From Bottle to Sippy Cup

Hi my 10 month old DD2 is currently having 4 bottles a day of 150 mls (plus 3 solid meals and the odd snack). I intend to give her cow's milk from 12 months like I did with DD1 but can't remember ...

Saturday 21 May 10:55pm

KKH replied to topic the cat napping is wearing me down

I found keeping my baby up for at least 2 hours at a time has cured the cat napping. I used the Save Our Sleep routines as a guide but it basically sounds like what JulieMac suggested. Good luck

Thursday 23 December 07:41am

KKH replied to topic Weight and height?

I would not worry unless your baby is losing weight. Both my girls have been small - barely on the Plunket chart! The first was small at birth (just 6 pounds). The second was average (7 pounds 4...

Thursday 23 December 07:34am

KKH replied to topic out of ideas, so i bought save our sleep today

I used SOS routines as a guide once DD1 was over 4 mths. I have just tried following them for DD2 who is 10 weeks and found it hard for her to stay up the 1 3/4 hours the SOS routine for that age ...

Monday 04 October 11:21pm

KKH replied to topic Refusing to bottle feed

Hi have you tried Chu Chu teats/bottles? My 7 wk old has been struggling with the fast flow of other bottle teats. The Chu Chu teats work like nipples as the baby controls the flow. If you tip t...

Saturday 11 September 05:51am

KKH started new topic Slow flow bottle teat for new born

My 2nd DD is 7 weeks old. I am breastfeeding her but by this time had started exclusively bottle feeding my 1st DD (due to various reflux/colic/hyperlactation issues). I am happy to keep breast f...

Saturday 11 September 05:35am

KKH started new topic Low Progesterone Levels

Just thought I would share my fertility problem which does not seem to have been talked about much in this forum. This comment might be helpful to someone. I am 32 and have a 3 year old and am ...

Monday 26 April 04:56am

KKH replied to topic Secondary Infertility

I am a bit late in adding to this thread but wondered if you had considered whether your progesterone (sp) levels are low. I am 32 and have a 3 year old and am now 28 weeks pregnant with number 2....

Monday 26 April 04:35am

KKH started new topic 3 yr old won't eat sauces

My 3 year old won't eat anything with sauches or toppings on it - even butter on bread! She is also not a fan of liquid foods like soup. She has a good varied diet but I want to extend what she ea...

Sunday 14 March 06:19am

KKH replied to topic ditching the dummy

Hi there - we went cold turkey when my DD was 6 months due to all the night waking. After 24 hours of crying we have never looked back! Dummy was great at the start but it is great to be rid of it!

Saturday 25 August 03:13pm

KKH replied to topic My DD is killing me (not literally)

Hi there - My DD is just 6 months old and about 6 weeks ago she started waking more often in the night too. I read somewhere that around 5 - 6 months baby's sleep cycles can change and if they don...

Wednesday 25 July 04:04pm

KKH replied to topic Ditching the dreaded Dummy.......

I thought my 6 mth old Holly was dependent on the dummy to go to sleep and spent the last 6 weeks being a slave to it. She started waking up to 6 times in the night and would not settle after the ...

Wednesday 25 July 03:44pm
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