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BK5CD5 replied to topic Waters breaking at 24 weeks

My waters broke at 25 weeks, I went into labour 2 weeks after. My ob said most labours start within that time period. I had been in hosp since 24 weeks when I had started going into labour and di...

Saturday 08 January 08:58pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Going from two to three children

I've got 4 so it obviously wasn't that horrible but some things I remember are *you only have 2 hands, three kids. Someone misses out. * Bedroom situation- who shares with who if necessary. * ...

Friday 05 February 04:14pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic implanon q?

edit post. read it wrong, was thinking mirena not implanon. Sorry [Edited on 04/02/2010]

Friday 05 February 03:47pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Prems in 2009

Hi Dani and others My littlest is actually an 08 prem. It is her first bday next week and in some ways it has flown and in others it seems such a long time ago. Miss nearly 1 just scraped in at 30...

Sunday 16 August 04:50am

BK5CD5 replied to topic ****November 2008 Babies****

hello mummies and your not so lil bubbies. great to hear most of you are going so well and all those bubbies are growing. Wow this year has gone so fast. Nearly this time last year I was admitted ...

Tuesday 11 August 03:18pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic chipped her tooth and feel so terrible...please help!

One of my DD had an accident similar to 2sweetgirls DD. She was mucking about knocked her front tooth up and forward, wasn't a pretty sight. It is still discoloured 2 yrs on. Worse for her is tha...

Tuesday 14 July 11:29am

BK5CD5 replied to topic Tongue-Tie

My no 3 daughter has it. She managed to put weight on, and I perservered with nipple pain for ages before someone actually noticed how tight her tie was. By then she was a few months old and the ...

Sunday 10 May 04:25am

BK5CD5 replied to topic ****November 2008 Babies****

Hi all, I know I'm not an Nov mumsy, but I like checking in and saying hi. Nothing much happening here. I've started back at work part time (boohoo), the 5 year old twins are on school holidays (...

Thursday 16 April 06:03pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Going Away and dont want to take porta cot, any ideas on what else i can use??

We've done a few things throughout our travels. Use the pillows from the lounge, put them on the floor, cover them with blanket tightly, bub sleeps on that. Use all spare blankets, keep folded, pu...

Wednesday 15 April 03:45pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Starting solids for Preemie

throwing a spanner in the works. We where told opposite to above re early commencing of solids. Our Miss was 11 weeks early. We where informed to not commence solids until 6 months corrected age. ...

Wednesday 15 April 03:35pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic How has being a Mum changed you life?

I've changed, but then time changes your thoughts and attitudes anyway. I am probably more open to others thoughts and feelings. I like watching the kids play and interact. I love watching them ...

Saturday 04 April 03:25pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic anyone TTC a certain gender

I have the opposite outcome. 4 girls. My hubs just isn't getting the boys to do the job, typical leaving it up to the girl swimmers to do all the work! I went on a few sites and tried a few thin...

Saturday 04 April 02:48pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Can you tell bubs sex from heart rate?

Mine had varing heart rates from 140-180. All ended up being girls, so for me that theory was wrong.

Saturday 04 April 02:37pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic How do you deal??

congratulations on your precious little girls arrival. Our last daughter was also very premature and had an extended hospital stay. I think your feelings are "normal" in the situation you are in....

Saturday 28 March 05:52pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic Please Help... DD relationship with her father

I am unsure if you are expecting her father to just see that his daughter is upset and then walk away. I doubt that it would happen. And it is his right to know his child (and hers to know him). ...

Monday 23 February 06:52pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic ****November 2008 Babies****

evening all currently listening to Kelsey hollor in her bed. She had 10 mins sleep and thinks she should get up, but if I get her up she would be a grumpy cuss so she is staying put for a little w...

Monday 23 February 06:21pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic High risk bubby

Hi, I understand your distress My last pregnancy came back at a 1:13 risk for downs syndrome. It came to that from a combined abnormal blood test and thick nucchal fold. Had the CVS and pushed ...

Monday 23 February 05:34pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic ****November 2008 Babies****

Afternoon all Hoping all are well and having some well deserved sleep. Miss Kelsey is well. Just had her 4 month needles (a little late but we where away). She wasn't overly impressed with it all...

Tuesday 20 January 03:15pm

BK5CD5 replied to topic too much milk!

Agree with above post. Our newest arrival arrived very early so I had to express the 7 weeks she was in hospital. When I was able to feed her I had excess problems (I was expressing 400-600mlx6 ti...

Sunday 07 December 07:25am

BK5CD5 replied to topic November 2008 babies - Take 2

Morning all, hoping that you all had some sleep last night. We have had a busy week. My babies turned 5. I can't believe that I became a mum to such wonderful girls only 5 years ago. I am so proud...

Sunday 07 December 06:44am
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