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lianasw replied to topic weight at 6 months???

whoa! my 14 month old is 9.2 kgs lol! dont worry, they're so cute when they're big, i love fat rolls on a baby! it makes them look so cuddley

Thursday 21 June 04:41pm

lianasw replied to topic jolly jumper

my first son loved his, but i loved watching him in it even more! it was hilarious

Thursday 21 June 04:38pm

lianasw replied to topic what is my 8 month old ds tempreture supposed to be?

anything between 37.2 and 38.3 is a low grade fever. anything above 38.3 is a high grade fever. if it reaches 40 or more take him straight to the hospital

Thursday 21 June 04:30pm

lianasw started new topic My baby gor bullied!

This isnt a question, just want to have a good winge. A few days ago we were at a play centre in the under fours section. my 14 month old was playing and having alot of fun, and then this big kid, ...

Thursday 21 June 04:15pm

lianasw replied to topic EXPERIENCE WITH EPIDURALS PLS DO TELL :)

i had an epidural second time around. i was one of the unfortunate ones who only had a half block, one side of my body still felt all the pain! be careful though because you will probably need a ca...

Thursday 21 June 03:55pm

lianasw replied to topic stiches

i had stitches both times, and both of their heads were exactly 34.5cm. second time not as many though and healed much quicker

Thursday 21 June 03:44pm

lianasw replied to topic please help... have one very very flat boob

lol! i had the same problem after my first. i was expressing and eventually ran out on one side, and there was quite a big difference between the sizes of my breasts. unfortunately for me they neve...

Wednesday 20 June 07:26pm

lianasw replied to topic Sometimes can't handle being a mum

i completely understand that! i have a 14 month old and now an 8 week old, and wen i was preganant with this one i was getting so stressed out and angry over all the little things. although my firs...

Monday 18 June 08:29pm

lianasw started new topic anyone miss being pregnant?

hi guys, just wondering if any of you really miss being pregnant? coz i do! not necessarily the pregnant bit, but the anticipation of the labour. then the excitement of giving birth and having a ne...

Monday 18 June 08:16pm

lianasw started new topic Anyone been to Riverton?

Hi, i have a post on this page about my 14 month old and 8 weeks olds sleeping habits. So anyway i spoke to my CHN today and she suggested a referral to Riverton (its not called that anymore though...

Thursday 14 June 04:27pm

lianasw started new topic Advice needed! soooo worn out!

Ok, so i have a 8 week old baby who, as u can imagine, has me up and down a few times at night for feeds. i also have a 14 month old who is also up a couple of times at night for cuddles and dummy....

Tuesday 12 June 07:26pm

lianasw replied to topic Before labour started, did you notice anything??

with my first one i remember about a week before i was due i was waiting anxiously every night hoping something would happen. then on my due date i went to bed thinking "god i hope it doesnt happen...

Tuesday 12 June 05:20pm

lianasw started new topic brbie island mummies

hi, my names liana. i have a 8 week old boy, and a 14 month old boy. Im 21. Anyone in the general area who would like to talk and maybe catch up let me know. and anyone who just wants to chat my ms...

Monday 11 June 09:04pm

lianasw replied to topic Is labour easier the second time around?

just want to add in my little bit. NO ITS NOT EASIER! At least it wasnt for me! shorter, yes, but the contractions were soooooooooo much worse the second time. i actually got to the point of wantin...

Monday 11 June 07:13pm

lianasw replied to topic natural vs c-section

i reckon the worst part of recovery after a natural delivery is the stitches. they sting like a b**** every time you pee! but if you r lucky enough not to have them i think you'd be feeling pretty ...

Monday 11 June 07:09pm

lianasw started new topic breastfeeding as a contraceptive?

hi everyone, i was hoping someone could fill me in on whether or not breastfeeding can be used as a contraceptive. i tried looking it up, but some say it is not reliable, but i also read that breas...

Friday 08 June 06:42pm

lianasw replied to topic Climbing on table..going nuts!!!

LOL!!! My 14month boy does the same! it drives me nuts. and now he realised that if he pushes the chairs up to the benches he can get up their too. i hav no idea how to stop, saying no doesnt work ...

Thursday 07 June 05:19pm

lianasw replied to topic Advanced For Age?

does she have older brothers and sisters? i have heard that second (3rd, 4th, 5th etc) children do things a lot earlier because they are always trying to keep up with the older ones. i also heard g...

Thursday 07 June 05:15pm

lianasw started new topic 14 month old 9.2 kgs?

hi, i just got my 14 month old weighed today, he was 9.2 kgs. the child health nurse didnt say anything but when i got home i looked on the growh chart and he is just between the 3rd and 5th percen...

Thursday 07 June 05:09pm

lianasw replied to topic Noah is 8mths and I am currently 5mths preg

mine two boys are 14 months and 7 weeks old. #1 REALLY jealous when bub arrives, and kept trying to smack him and pull his hair. after a couple of week though it settled down, now he loves the baby...

Wednesday 06 June 04:46am
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