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ruffone replied to topic Thoughts about my miscarriages

Thank you to everyone for their kind words and for sharing their experiences. I'm still mourning my twins. It still hurts, deeply, a deep emotional hurt. But the physical hurt has passed somewhat...

Sunday 20 January 09:36am

ruffone replied to topic Miscarriage??

Yes. I miscarried. Similar, had ultrasound, baby was 6weeks and 6days by measurement. 3 days later, lost it. Quite a bit of tissue and blood came out. You will need to get your Beta-HCG levels ch...

Thursday 03 January 12:33pm

ruffone replied to topic Thoughts about my miscarriages

Thank you all so much for the support. It's tough. I have my ok days and my blahhh days. All motivation to clean the house, and get daily things done is gone. It's not good. I don't want to be arou...

Thursday 03 January 12:24pm

ruffone started new topic Thoughts about my miscarriages

Technology has made having a baby so much more exciting. Pick up a test from the local supermarket, jump around like an idiot grinning when it is positive. Wanting to tell the world. Having the fir...

Saturday 29 December 10:26am

ruffone started new topic Names of flowers- help

Hey, Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of names of flowers that could be used as a second name for a little girl. Our first born is Jessica Rose, and we want to continue on with the flow...

Wednesday 01 October 03:25pm

ruffone replied to topic Outdoor activities for an almost 2 yr old???

Sounds like you have it covered. LOL. The only other things I can think of are, Ball games, kick a ball around. Painting with food dye on large peices of butchers paper, use straws to blow the colo...

Sunday 11 May 10:03am

ruffone replied to topic Walking Wings - Has anyone ever used them???

I have no idea if these things will work with your bub. However, if you have a back problem I say go & give it a go. You can only try it out, if it works great, you would have easily saved yourself...

Friday 04 January 09:29am

ruffone replied to topic Breastfeeding and childcare

Jessica was in CC 5 days per week for a while. She was the same, no bottle only boob. I droped in to BF her every 2-3 hours. It was a really good way to ensure she was getting enough milk, meeting ...

Tuesday 18 December 01:06pm

ruffone replied to topic PLEASE???? Help!

You are where I was about 1mth ago. The first thing I did was ditch the night time nappy changes, disposables these days can and do last through the night & the nappy change started to 'wake her' a...

Tuesday 18 December 12:56pm

ruffone replied to topic What is wrong with people

NICE friend!!! poor children. I would have treated them though- not because I had too but because if they went home without being treated you couldn't be sure that she did treat them- so next time ...

Monday 08 October 08:52am

ruffone replied to topic HI

What about using a bassinet for the first 3-4mths? I had one with wheels & lockable castors that I could wheel into the loungeroom & bedroom with me during the day. It was great. This way your youn...

Monday 08 October 08:44am

ruffone replied to topic Question?

Things to steer clear of & why during pregnancy; Icecream (soft serve or other) & cream- Listeria- risk of miscarrage Cream cheese/ soft cheeses- Listeria- risk of miscarrage Runny Eggs/ underco...

Monday 08 October 08:33am

ruffone replied to topic NappySan

We almost shop exclusively with Audi. Great stuff. My dad is a truck driver and carts a lot of the stuff- straight from the factories that make the expensive 'name brand' products. Also, the soup i...

Tuesday 02 October 09:52am

ruffone replied to topic big problem

My suggestions are: Ava for a little girl?? Harrison for a little boy?? I think they go well with your other children's names. Anyway, I'm sure you will find the perfect name for your beautiful bab...

Tuesday 02 October 09:38am

ruffone started new topic Share some great news

G'day, I've just jumped on the forum and saw that a few very sad things have happened- miscarriage, separation, divorce, terminations ect. Anyway- I'd love to share some good news and hope that yo...

Tuesday 02 October 09:32am

ruffone replied to topic 5 &1/2mth old, up 3-4 times a night, won't take bottles, BF bub tired mum.

OC1246, Your right. But Jessica already sleeps beside our bed in her cot so she knows we are close. We have also had lots of night time snuggles in our bed too. I find she sleeps for an extra hour ...

Saturday 29 September 05:04pm

ruffone replied to topic When to change the car seat around

The recommendation that they need to be 6 months is wrong. The CHN needed to check this, and found out that as long as they are over the weight restriction & good head control it is ok to turn the ...

Saturday 29 September 04:54pm

ruffone replied to topic I Am A Bad, Bad Mother!!

ok- so you freaked. Not everyone is great in situations like this exp with creapy crawlers. Pretty human I think, not a bad mum. hope your little man is ok.

Friday 28 September 03:42pm

ruffone replied to topic baby sling

go to the following web site to weigh up the pro's & cons. (Personally I think it would get too hot).

Friday 28 September 03:35pm

ruffone replied to topic Whats the Best Baby Cream Around for Dry Skin??

You can try bepanthan, or for dry skin near babies mouth or for a very soothing creme try nipple cream- lansinoh. Works well you may not need too many 'extra' cremes. Keep in mind, these cremes/oin...

Friday 28 September 03:32pm
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