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SG3627 replied to topic Angel Babies

Hi Kate, I am today 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 5 and have again started to miscarry. I have lost my first baby and my last two, all within the first trimester. I am fortunate to have healt...

Wednesday 18 November 09:27pm

SG3627 replied to topic do you bother cleaning your floors....

I vacume every day, sometimes twice and mop at least weekly or whenever something sticky gets spilt. Even if the rest of your house is a mess, i find if you have a clean floor - the house looks tidy.

Tuesday 10 November 10:20pm

SG3627 replied to topic Night time: to wake or not to wake

An update, the boys now refuse to go to the toilet when woken during the night and are generally pretty upset about the whole thing. So we have let them sleep, they have been wet 3 times each over ...

Tuesday 10 November 10:14pm

SG3627 replied to topic Holding food in mouth to avoid eating meals

He only eats about 3 mouthfulls at each meal time, regardless if it is a favourite food or vegetables. I have started taking his food from him after 20 minutes or earlier if he walks away from his ...

Tuesday 10 November 10:10pm

SG3627 started new topic Due 16 July

Hi All After 15 months of trying to concieve, I am now 4 weeks with my fifth baby! I had a mc in Sept 05, ID twin boys born @ 33 weeks, mc Dec 08. We are yet to tell anyone, want to get levels che...

Tuesday 10 November 10:04pm

SG3627 started new topic Holding food in mouth to avoid eating meals

My 3yo son has always been a pain to feed, however recently he has decided to hold his first mouthfull of food in his mouth and refuse to chew or swallow - all so he doesn't have to eat his meal. H...

Monday 02 November 07:44pm

SG3627 replied to topic Conceiving Twins???

I don't think anyone should actively 'try' to have twins. I have identical twins (it is just luck) but they were born with numerous complications due to premature birth and we are lucky they surviv...

Tuesday 27 October 12:55pm

SG3627 started new topic Night time: to wake or not to wake

My boys are almost 3 and have started having some dry nights (still wearing night nappies). I have let them sleep in jocks several times and woken them to use the toilet - which seems to work well....

Tuesday 27 October 12:49pm

SG3627 replied to topic help with twins

I Stacey I have twin boys whom I started training at the same age. I found they learnt off each other and we made a big song and dance about going to the toilet and had one boy 'wee' and the other ...

Tuesday 27 October 12:42pm

SG3627 replied to topic Party game ideas?

You could get an old white sheet (find one at an op shop) and fill a number of spray bottles with some thin paint. The kids love having the entire sheet to "spray paint" and it keeps them amused fo...

Tuesday 27 October 12:28pm

SG3627 replied to topic HELP-2yr old DS in and out of bed until asleep

I got on this site today to try and find an answer to this question myself and am relieved to know its is not just my boys going through this. I have 2yo twin boys who share a room. One child predo...

Friday 02 January 12:12pm

SG3627 started new topic Toilet Training x 2

I have just started toilet training my identical boys (21 months). Any tips? We have been going for 4 days now, on day 3 one boy had sucess and on day 4 the other had success twice! but on day 5 wh...

Monday 01 September 06:18pm

SG3627 started new topic Cot Climbing

We have 20 month old twins, one of which climbs out of his cot. I dont know wether to try and keep him in his cot or put him in a bed. If we put him in a bed and his twin is still in a cot I imagin...

Thursday 10 July 07:03pm

SG3627 replied to topic Won't sleep through the night!

I have 20 month old twin boys and was also having sleep problems until I read the book "Save our Sleep" by a lady Tizzie Hall (or something similar). Out of all the baby books I read, this really w...

Thursday 10 July 03:45pm

SG3627 started new topic 33 week Identical twin boys

I had the most perfect pregnancy and loved every minute of it. Not one bit of morning sickness, nausea - just the elation of carrying twins. I woke to a 'popping' feeling around 3am Sunday morning....

Sunday 11 May 06:08pm

SG3627 replied to topic High Chair Battles

My twin 17 month old boys are currently going through the same issue. Previously they were fantastic eaters and now they refuse to eat when in the high chair. I have been giving them food to walk a...

Thursday 03 April 10:29am

SG3627 replied to topic Spitting food out

Many Thanks for the suggestions. Yes giving the boys toys to play with while eating worked perfectly. Now we also get toys to wash while in the bath at night.

Saturday 29 December 09:45am

SG3627 started new topic Spitting food out

I have twin 12 months old boys, who up until several weeks ago were great eaters. Now, they are refusing more and more food daily. If one baby rejects his food, the other who may have been happily ...

Saturday 01 December 01:08pm
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