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EH078C replied to topic Recommendations for Yoga DVD

The 10 min solution series sounds fantastic. Off to the shops this week. Cheers. )

Monday 15 September 04:00pm

EH078C replied to topic Primary Schools in Hills District Kellyville,Castle Hill etc

My daughter goes to Winston Hills Public School and it's great. Teachers are very dedicated and school grounds are well-maintained.

Saturday 30 August 03:02pm

EH078C started new topic Recommendations for Yoga DVD

I'm thinking of starting yoga. I'm not able to attend classes, so am planning to purchase a yoga dvd. However, there are so many yoga dvds out there. Would love any recommendations for a beginner...

Thursday 28 August 05:01pm

EH078C replied to topic BRAZILLIAN vs SHAVING (dont read if you dont like haha)

I'm all for the Brazillian baby! And considering us mummas have gone through the pain of childbirth and beyond, being in the spa for 20min is nothing! )

Friday 08 August 05:07pm

EH078C replied to topic Getting ready for childcare

I put my DD1 into daycare when she was 3 years old, having previously only been taken care by my mother. We put her in 1 day a week for the first month and then increased it to 2 days a week afterw...

Friday 08 August 04:59pm

EH078C started new topic White stretch marks - are there any creams that can help?

My stretch marks on my tummy, thighs and breasts have now turned white. I was informed that once they reach this stage, it is difficult to get rid of them compared to when they are at the reddish s...

Sunday 08 June 01:30pm

EH078C replied to topic Working mums group

Hi there. I don't live in Brisbane, but I am a working mum living in Sydney. I'm also 26, married and I have two DD - 5yrs and 16mths. I find that being a working mum really drains my energy. My ...

Sunday 08 June 01:20pm

EH078C replied to topic Dummy help

My 16mth old also likes her dummy. However she only really needs it during her sleeps. It's one of those "out of sight, out of mind" situations with her. So, during the day, I hide the dummy so she...

Sunday 08 June 01:12pm

EH078C replied to topic need some help

Your planned routine sounds good. Have you started her on it yet? And how did she go? Mixing the formulas is what I used to do as well, just to get my DD used to the new flavour. Personally I foun...

Sunday 08 June 01:08pm

EH078C replied to topic Meat

I found that the mince variety (ie, mince beef or mince chicken) worked really well when introducing meat to my DDs. I would cook the mince in a non-stick pan, boil up some starches in another pot ...

Sunday 08 June 01:03pm

EH078C started new topic Fave indoor play centre

I'm a big fan of the indoor play centre concept. Rain or shine, it's great to be able to take your kids and have them run around in a relatively safe environment. And I say "relatively" because...h...

Sunday 11 May 05:17pm

EH078C started new topic hair salon recommendations??

I need a new haircut to convert "frumpy mummy" to a "yummy mummy". Does anyone have any recommendations on good salons in the Parramatta/Hills area? Don't want to spend too much $$$...

Saturday 10 May 05:46pm

EH078C replied to topic how often do u have sex??

couple times a week...although last night was the first time in 9 days (so my husband pointed out!) ;o)

Wednesday 07 May 11:14am

EH078C replied to topic money money money

I don't think you're alone. My life also seems to revolve around money issues. For me, it's the "savings" that is the problem. We get by each month, but trying to put that extra away for a rainy da...

Wednesday 07 May 11:10am

EH078C replied to topic Anyone else feel this way???

I think every mum has a "feeling useless" day once in a while. We're all human! Congrats on being preggy with baby #2. After my DD2 was born in 2007, I returned back to work part-time and on the da...

Saturday 05 April 05:02pm

EH078C replied to topic Gosh I feel like I have failed

it happens to the best of us. I remember when my DD1 was 2 yrs old, my DH was taking the rubbish out and I was washing dishes thinking that she would stay in the living room. Halfway through the di...

Friday 05 October 03:29pm

EH078C replied to topic 8.5 mths only wants to eat apple puree'

I give my DD Kraft Cheesy Pops and also Kraft Tasty Singles. For cooking, I use shredded Tasty cheese as it combines easily. I mix it in with mashed vegies. Hope this helps.

Friday 21 September 10:26am

EH078C replied to topic solids or no solids...anyone else confused?

I think the whole "don't give solids till 6 months" campaign had to do with the fact that mums were weaning their kids off breastmilk/formula too early when they introduced solids at a young age. ...

Thursday 13 September 02:21pm

EH078C replied to topic Fruit or Veg??

I started my DD on butternut pumpkin. Boil up a couple of cubes and then puree in a blender. If you make a big batch, it freezes well in ice-cube trays.

Tuesday 11 September 02:21pm

EH078C replied to topic has anyone's bub ever...

Perhaps change your baby bath to a fragrance free one. Ie, QV wash, Curash or Simple Baby. My first DD (who's now 4) was allergic to Top to Toe and I changed to QV wash and she's been using that ev...

Monday 10 September 09:30am
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