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kjc started new topic dream feed?

At what age do people do the dream feed? Can anyone explain how you do it and when to start it. My bubs is only 7 weeks old and not sure whether to start doing this or to just feed her when she wak...

Sunday 08 April 05:16pm

kjc started new topic breast feeding/bottle feeding WHO CARES!

I just wanted to say that I have had a terrible run with my 7 week baby. I had a 21 hour labour ending in a c section, I then haemorrhaged and lost a lot of blood, was sick in hospital, because I w...

Thursday 05 April 05:18pm

kjc started new topic stopping breastfeeding!

Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone out there has started breastfeeding and has given up and at what week/ month? I have a 6 week old and have had a terrible run with mastitis. I have had it three ...

Monday 02 April 07:25am

kjc started new topic age to drop all day naps?

Hi I was wondering what age do most children drop their day sleeps? My twins are 2 and 4 months and it seems harder and harder to put them to bed during the day.

Monday 29 January 12:52pm

kjc started new topic dropping all day sleeps???

Hi, I was wondering what age do kids drop all of their day sleeps?? My twin girls are 2 and 4 months and lately I'm having a really hard time putting them down for their afternoon nap. If they don'...

Monday 29 January 12:49pm

kjc replied to topic My 2yo taking her nappy off when sleeping

My twin girls do this every day and night. Both of them takes off all of their clothes and fall asleep naked. My husband and I now let them and we don't put a nappy on them until they have fallen a...

Saturday 27 January 01:08pm

kjc started new topic VBAC success or not??

Hi all, It would be interesting to know how many people have tried for a VBAC and ended up having a c section anyway and those that had success with a VBAC? Talking to some of my friends that have ...

Wednesday 24 January 06:57pm

kjc started new topic Taking clothes off

My twin girls who are two and a half years old strip off all the time and are quite happy to run around in the nude. This has been going on for almost a year and I'm going out of my mind not knowin...

Wednesday 24 January 06:41pm

kjc started new topic due soon and no name HELP!

Hi all, please help me find a name!! I'm expecting a girl and would like the name to match with Charlie and Chloe. Trying to keep the "CH" theme and "E" sounding end of the name going. Any sugessti...

Wednesday 24 January 06:28pm

kjc started new topic Need advice

Hi Guys, I've just read through all the VBAC comments and need your advice as to what you think....I had an elective c section just under two years ago. I had twins, they were premmie and breech so...

Saturday 20 January 06:18pm

kjc started new topic c section or not??

HI Alex, I had twins two years ago via c section as both were breech. I had a great experience and felt hardly any pain at all. Infact was up walking the same day and was not in much pain at all th...

Thursday 02 November 07:45pm

kjc started new topic and the next baby??

Hi, I had a terrible experience with reflux with my twin girls. They were 7 weeks prem, were very little and spent 3 weeks in special care. When we eventually brought them home from hospital they w...

Thursday 02 November 07:29pm

kjc started new topic Help with a name!!!

Hi All, I'm having a baby girl very soon and can't find ONE name that I love.......Can anyone help. I seem to like names starting with C but at this stage any name that is a bit different would be ...

Friday 22 September 02:44pm

kjc started new topic Toilet training twins

Hi, Has anyone any ideas how to toilet train twins at the same time. I am about to start and thought I'd take any advice I can. My girls are nearly 2 and always want to sit on the potty...Any advic...

Wednesday 20 September 03:21pm
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