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Scorpio replied to topic calling all in hawkes bay

Hi I moved from Napier just before my son was born, hes now 3months old, living over in Flaxmere at the moment...Yaye! but my partner and I are planning on moving back over to naps sometime soon. I...

Tuesday 25 July 08:52am

Scorpio replied to topic due in 6 weeks but using the same initials as my first son for my second son..... is that sooo wrong?

Hi there I think its pretty cool having same initials for your kids, Its not that important to be worried about their mail getting mixed up not everyone has their initials addressed on mail the boy...

Thursday 09 March 06:04am

Scorpio replied to topic Please help me choose a boys name !

hi there dont know if I can help but we had the same problem when choosing names. Bubs isnt born yet but we came up with Cheydon, Chey came from my partners birthname- Cheyenne, don is from the par...

Thursday 09 March 05:47am

Scorpio replied to topic Sore Belly, bubs pushing!

hi there im 33wks now, and I fully understand what you mean with the pains. Ive been getting them for the last couple weeks now. It gets so bad in the mornings especially when I get the sudden urge...

Thursday 09 March 05:15am

Scorpio replied to topic drug free birth anyone!?

Im really keen on having a drug free birth. Before I found out I was pregnant I use to take recreational drugs, Which for the record gave up cold turkey straight away, Ive been clean for so long no...

Tuesday 07 March 09:08pm

Scorpio replied to topic Does anyone know much about water births?

Hi well I dont know much myself bout water births but Ive organised to have one myself. I figured the water would be good to take the presure off you with bubs Im not keen on taking any drugs durin...

Tuesday 07 March 08:38pm
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