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Dam.Reed replied to topic Coffee group/new friends

Good housing is always expensive. I don't think that something will change in the near future. I read chicago breaking news recently and saw an interesting article on housing issues. They bega...

Friday 25 October 03:32am

Dam.Reed replied to topic How did you meet?

I met my wife when I made an order for cleaning the house before Christmas. She was so energetic and smiled all the time. It hooked me and we started dating. True, I insisted that she find less har...

Wednesday 23 October 05:33pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic Need a easy-to-use

Katiep wrote: At work we use a complete bookkeeping program....then just photo copy the recipts and keep them in monthly folders in alphabetical order. We use MYOB, its really easy to use I wonder...

Monday 21 October 10:31pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic Hello everyone, long time no see! Epic story/essay to follow lol

Member826224 wrote: Irrespective of your financial level and social status you will be impressed with their pricing policy. The value of the ordered paper depends on the deadline, the number of pag...

Saturday 19 October 01:47am

Dam.Reed replied to topic What is your dream lifestyle?

I think the love for welding is often a phenomenon in men. Some were able to make a permanent business out of it, but I myself am still considering semi-professional welding machines at The Welding...

Friday 27 September 12:04am

Dam.Reed replied to topic SLEEP???How many hours do you get?

Sturgette wrote: Unfortunatly I stay up late, with lunches,cleaning,and washing for 5,plus all the cloth nappies it's about 11-12 before i get to bed, yes sleeping in...oh that sounds nice!!! ...

Monday 24 June 01:08pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic want to move to england

VictoriaMorris wrote: I think that life in England and New Zealand is a bit similar. These are almost the same landscapes outside the window, small towns, and farms. But the cost of living there is...

Friday 14 June 09:54pm

Dam.Reed replied to topic MELBOURNE PHONE BOOK


Friday 14 June 09:48pm
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