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Member362100 replied to topic My Story

Paggie909 wrote: I'm looking for surrogacy as i have no other options left of having a baby. I had may complications while getting pregnant. I conceived for 3 times but had miscarriages. Now i...

Saturday 20 April 07:25pm

Member362100 replied to topic Conceiveing

Dani_242 wrote: Hey ladies, Thanks for your comments. My now husband and I are actually 23weeks pregnant grin On our wedding day I was 11weeks & I didn’t actually show earlier. Only in the...

Saturday 20 April 07:23pm

Member362100 replied to topic pregnant coworker is driving me crazy

i do not want to take anyone's side here (although I understand what op goes through!). but what if she just did not think about it enough?? She does not have to think about all of the others ...

Saturday 20 April 07:21pm

Member362100 replied to topic need to vent!!!

lidya wrote: Hi there, Your DH is right. These days there is too much information regarding infertility on the internet, it can make you scared. Instead of looking on the internet, you should visit...

Saturday 20 April 07:09pm

Member362100 replied to topic long ttc, no baby(

Racheliqua wrote: I am really sorry to know about your situation. You must have had a tough time. Don’t lose hope, sweetheart. Life has put you in a test. Try to pass the exam with good marks. Have...

Saturday 20 April 07:08pm

Member362100 replied to topic ttc for 2 years and nothing

if you have been trying aturally I think that it is time to move on. you can start with ivf as I think iui is not the best option when it comes to higher chances. I'd prefer icsi. and I think ...

Saturday 20 April 07:06pm

Member362100 replied to topic feel like a bad person

I do not think you are a bad person. it is completely normal to not feel great when other people achieve what you have wantedfor the whole life. but then again, it means that you will be there as w...

Saturday 20 April 07:03pm

Member362100 replied to topic Share you IVF Experience

Hi everyone! I am a new member here my name is Emma. I have been through 2 ivf rounds. now we are about to start the third one. we were ttcing naturally for about 2 years before but then noticed th...

Saturday 20 April 07:00pm
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