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Ellyj1214 replied to topic IVF

So sorry to hear about your problems. It will be very difficult for you. Surrogacy will be best for you. Yea there are many good clinics also. I am happy that your husband is supportive. You should...

Friday 29 June 01:35am

Ellyj1214 replied to topic Hope for positive

Please be careful during this time. Avoid doing hectic work. As you have experienced a miscarriage in the past. You should be very careful. It's a very sensitive moment in your life. I hope ev...

Thursday 28 June 04:14am

Ellyj1214 started new topic IVF

hi, everyone. I'm here again after my 3 rd IVF test. hoping positive results. I need your prayers. please give me best wishes. asking all of you again.please pray for me. I will be back later...

Thursday 28 June 02:30am

Ellyj1214 started new topic people suffering from Infertility

Is there anyone here. I'm feeling very bad. I have a miscarriage last night. It was very painful. My husband doesn't know anything about what happened last night. It is happening first t...

Wednesday 27 June 03:34am
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