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Jennifermpj2911 replied to topic Can drinking to much water before doing a pregancy test give you a false negative?

I heard that alcohol can interfere with the results of PT but never heard whether drinking too much water can. When I was about to take my PT I waited until alcohol was out of my system because I ...

Wednesday 09 May 08:34pm

Jennifermpj2911 replied to topic When did you start toilet training your little one?

I have no idea how to start potty training but I started my daughter's potty training at 2 but it wasn't an easy process. She would wet herself a few times especially when she's busy...

Sunday 06 May 11:18pm

Jennifermpj2911 replied to topic BEST NIPPLE CREAM?

BF brings out the best in babies but not in mommies. I was totally crampy when I had nipple sores. Having had three kids already, I can swear to the effectiveness of earth angle mama baby nipple bu...

Sunday 06 May 09:17pm
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