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Aria123 replied to topic IVF

Hi there Andie! I hope you are doing good. I agree with @Ashley. You need to identify the cause first. What if you go for IVF. Later you find out that you cannot carry the baby. Your body is unable...

Wednesday 25 April 02:56am

Aria123 replied to topic Need Help

No need to feel ashamed love. It isn't your fault. It is a problem. There is a fix for it. Just search for some affordable clinics. I have heard Europe has great services. Check if it works fo...

Tuesday 24 April 03:55am

Aria123 replied to topic still confused still stressed

You sound so done with life. I can feel depression in your tone. I know it is difficult. You need to realize that it this a time. It will eventually pass. You will get happier times too. Now, I am ...

Tuesday 24 April 03:51am

Aria123 replied to topic Finally a decision!

Loads of love and prayers your way hun. I hope this works for you. Miscarriages are really hard. I know that. You're really strong to accept it. Just ensure all the paperwork is done. Keep us ...

Tuesday 24 April 01:25am

Aria123 replied to topic cost of ivf could just e peanuts

I second you, honey. IVF can be costly. Also, it is a tiring process. You need to be patient. Not only that you have to be strong. You should be able to handle stress. It won't work otherwise....

Tuesday 24 April 01:01am

Aria123 replied to topic it's happening!!

I know these treatments are very expensive. Especially in states. I am glad your friend found an alternative. The one she can afford. I hope everything goes according to the plan. May she get her s...

Saturday 21 April 12:42am

Aria123 replied to topic Miscarriage

So sorry to hear about it. You must be in a very difficult position. Just let the ultrasound with you. You are emotional right now. Dont do anything you might regret. Hopefully, you'll get ano...

Friday 20 April 03:43am

Aria123 replied to topic TTC in your 30’s

Hello there, Hope you are doing good. So, I read your story. I think with irregular periods and the age it will be difficult. The pill must have done the damage too. You had your pregnancy a while ...

Friday 20 April 03:38am

Aria123 replied to topic Pregnant? Scared? You have options!!!

That is very noble of you. It shows how caring you are. Your children are very lucky. The new one will be lucky too. I hope you get your baby soon.Most people are scared of adoption. They think the...

Thursday 19 April 05:34am

Aria123 replied to topic HCG levels

It can work for you. You never know. I'd say keep trying. Let's see what the end result is. I hope it will be positive. Even if it isn't, dont loose hope. I am sure there will be ano...

Thursday 19 April 04:41am

Aria123 replied to topic When were your first babies born?

My baby was 2 weeks late. God, she gave me a tough time. I just wanted her to get out. I mean it was so painful. The last two weeks especially. She is 2 now. Good luck to you hun. May the odds be i...

Wednesday 18 April 03:43am

Aria123 replied to topic Experiences

I second that thought. TTC is a bumpy ride. You never know what hurdle will come next. You just have to be careful. You have to accept every hurdle positively and try to solve it. Otherwise, you wo...

Wednesday 18 April 03:37am

Aria123 replied to topic Any success stories?

Hey, there honey. I haven't followed your story. Though I can help with the motivation. The procedure is a bit tough. You have to be patient. Stay positive. Other than that it is a great exper...

Sunday 15 April 05:19am

Aria123 replied to topic Infertility after endo

Honey, I dont get one thing. You said you have a baby girl from surrogacy. That means you knew you couldn't conceive in the first place. Then what is changed now? Did I miss something? Did you...

Sunday 15 April 05:08am

Aria123 replied to topic Due November 2018

It is good to keep it between you too. Let the pregnancy stay. Btw, congratulations on becoming parents soon to be. I am pregnant too. I am due in September 2018. I have just informed my immediate ...

Saturday 14 April 03:30am
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