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Heckfranky56 replied to topic Today I can't handle it

I can feel all your pain… We are here to help you. Attending baby showers is not the best way of relaxation when you face troubles while TTC. Sadly enough, not all people around understand this. Pe...

Wednesday 31 July 10:15am

Heckfranky56 replied to topic How to let go of all the drama?

Don’t be sad, dear. She doesn't sound like much of a friend to me. I would tell her that this is a stressful time for you and dh, with all you are going through and that you are really sorry i...

Wednesday 31 July 10:14am

Heckfranky56 started new topic "Maybe there’re just no more babies for you"

Hi everyone! How have you been? Today I was helping my friend to choose baby clothes for her nephew. Tears fall from my cheeks when I was looking at all those cute little clothes. I can’t help but ...

Tuesday 21 May 02:35am
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