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Jesij381 replied to topic Feeling anxious after previous miscarriages

@Ashley110 Hey, Dear thanks for sharing such good news. I am an infertile woman and looking for surrogacy. because my doctor told me that I am not able to carry my own child in my uterus because it...

Saturday 28 July 11:05pm

Jesij381 replied to topic Single woman going through IVF

Hi Nathalie, Hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about your infertility story.You are not alone here.There are many women out there in this boat.The thing which pleased me is that you didn't give...

Thursday 19 April 03:03am

Jesij381 replied to topic Miscarriage

Hi there hope you are fine.Don't b sad my love. This is life and we have to face all these hard times with courage. I had also gone through this phase. My old husband left me only because I am...

Monday 16 April 11:12pm

Jesij381 replied to topic Pregnancy success stories...

Thanks for making this thread. Being infertile, ( knowing that I'll not be able to conceive naturally ) always make me sick but these positive stories give me a lot of hope. Right now I am f...

Saturday 14 April 04:33am

Jesij381 replied to topic Experiences

Hi there thanks for this thread. I had gone through all comments. I should like to share my experience too. Well, starting from the beginning I always wished to have kids even from my teenage. I ma...

Saturday 14 April 04:09am

Jesij381 replied to topic still confused still stressed

Hello there dear.I am feeling terrible in the wake of examining your post. I think you have to go for surrogacy.It's a remarkable probability having the youngster for the duration of regular d...

Tuesday 27 March 09:36pm

Jesij381 replied to topic coping with infertility

Hey there. How are you doing? I am really sorry to hear about your issues. I Know it must be hard for you. I know because I have experienced the same. It is something not easy to handle. However, s...

Tuesday 27 March 04:58am
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