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Atrenael1 replied to topic Extremely bad wind pains! Constantly crying all day in pain!

I have heard that some have had similar issues resulting from antibiotics used at birth, esp if antibiotics were given to the baby. Dosing baby with infant probiotics, and mother, if breastfeeding,...

Monday 15 January 08:48am

Atrenael1 replied to topic Periods and breastfeeding

My little one had spikes in consumption every few weeks for the first 5 months. I was expressing due to complications and thought that i'd never keep up with her increasing demand. Then sudden...

Monday 15 January 08:40am

Atrenael1 replied to topic Can anyone help me out in this situation?

Breastfeeding is likely the reason. It's not unusual to not get your period for several months, and apparently even be erratic and with lengthy gaps after they start up again, while you'r...

Wednesday 10 January 02:13pm

Atrenael1 replied to topic My 9 months Old Baby

I'm not exactly a reliable source being a first time mother myself, but I have heard that by one year of age a baby should be around 3 times their birth weight. I'd assume that if your ba...

Friday 01 December 11:11am

Atrenael1 replied to topic Post partum alopecia

I went for lopping off 6-9 inches of my hair, as i read that it's worse with longer hair, and kept my hair tied up in a braid or pony tail when i wasn't washing it or brushing out all the...

Thursday 09 November 09:01am
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