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K.h_ward started new topic 10 days overdue, baby is 9.3lb apparently and my mum is driving me nuts..

I'm a FTM and overdue by 10 days. Had a scan to check on how baby was doing, and he's doing great, no medical reason to induce. He's a big boy apparently at 9.3 pounds (hoping they m...

Monday 11 June 09:04am

K.h_ward started new topic Essential winter baby clothes/items.

Hey, I'm a first time mum due in June (so when its just starting to get cold in New Zealand). Our house is quite old so can get drafty, but the other half is hooking up some complicated heat ...

Tuesday 20 February 07:03pm

K.h_ward replied to topic Swaddles vs Wraps vs Sleep Pods

Thank you for the suggestions! I ended up buying some of the Cocooi wraps as they were on sale, and my mum bought a love to dream swaddle as a present. Might look at some of the ergopouch ones though

Thursday 25 January 12:38pm

K.h_ward started new topic Swaddles vs Wraps vs Sleep Pods

Hey, I'm currently pregnant with my first baby (due in June), and am just starting to look at bedding/sleeping items. With your newborn did you prefer using wraps, swaddles or sleep pods? I q...

Tuesday 16 January 09:04am
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