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Sofiawest795 started new topic Changing my moves

I have been trying to conceive from last five years. It’s been a five year to my marriage and I am trying on the IVF tests that can assure me to baby in my life. Since five years I feeling lonely a...

Wednesday 20 September 07:56pm

Sofiawest795 started new topic Still fighting.

I am trying from the last 7 year to conceive but I still didn’t even get the results that I am looking for. I have been trying with my all heart to get what it really means to me. It was one of th...

Sunday 17 September 05:26pm

Sofiawest795 started new topic I lost my first baby

Hi, ladies! I am not sure I have to share this or not. I got pregnant two years but not my child. Now I am facing infertility issue. At the age of 33, I am losing my hope to get the baby. Few days ...

Saturday 12 August 06:00pm
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