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Atrenael replied to topic 6months old weaning?

My daughter also had a stage of bottle feeding in preference to breast. Her situation was a bit more complex than that but at the advice of my mother-in-law I used wide mouthed bottles with a slow ...

Wednesday 06 September 06:53am

Atrenael replied to topic TTC post miscarriage

I understand that there was some problem historically with not delaying after a miscarriage. With modern medicine there is no longer a risk generally (there might be rare cases of which I know noth...

Thursday 31 August 07:21am

Atrenael replied to topic Introducing a bottle

Took 4 months for me to get mine from bottle to breast. Can't help you with specifics, but just before she stopped wanting the bottle I was contemplating teaching her to use a cup and feed her...

Friday 25 August 04:10pm

Atrenael replied to topic How long did you breastfeed for?

LO started with a tongue-tie for the first month, by the end of that time i was expressing to feed her from a bottle. The next 4 months was a struggle of trying to get her used to the breast and fe...

Monday 21 August 03:38pm
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