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Camille-94 replied to topic Weight

CBD oil is made by separating CBD capsules for sale from the cannabis plant, at that point weakening it with a bearer oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. There are a lot of CBD vendors all over the...

Wednesday 22 May 07:42pm

Camille-94 replied to topic Should I allow my boy to play with ipad?

It is ok to allow him to play with ipad but there should be limit to it, e.g. 30 minutes in a day. Schedules something interesting for him so that he gives attention to other things and might stop ...

Friday 26 August 06:53am

Camille-94 replied to topic Lunch for friends?

Friends and their kids coming over. Huurraaahhh.... Getting amazing time to spend together. Macaroni with cheese Chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise fillet. Cookies for kids. Fresh Juices. To Good.

Friday 26 August 06:46am

Camille-94 replied to topic makeup in hospital

I do not think that is a good idea. It will look awful as far as up to my thinking. I think you can live without makeup at least for some days if not too many.

Friday 26 August 06:40am

Camille-94 replied to topic 4 year old party entertainment recommendations please!

These are very useful recommendations. I think face painting is very interesting, children will have a lot of fun. Cartoon painting especially of their favorite characters.

Friday 26 August 06:36am
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