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Child care calculator Go to this link it's a free calculator and it derfinatly works. I have tried it with my kids details and it is correct Erin

I would try putting them in together. I have my DS'together they are 21 months and 4 months and go pretty good together. with the sleeps you could try putting them in at slightly different times so one goes to sleep first and hopefully wont wake up thats what I do with the boys at night at the moement give them a few days and they should get use to being in together and fall asleep at the same time anyway you might find your DD1 sleeps better having someone in there with her

Posted by: farmgirl80 My husband is deploying to Iraq. That in itself is something to deal with. We planned the end of the year because his second deployment would be over by the time the baby would be born , we would have moved and the children would have a larger age gap and easier to handle. It wasn't about wanting to terminate it was reasons to think about it. We have however decided to roll with the punches and accept what has happened, just need time to soak it in. I only found out yesterday and didn't sleep much last night. It seems daunting now but I will look back one day and think it wasn't all that bad. If you need some one to talk to that understands what you are going through with your husband deployed please feel free to PM me. My DH was deployed last year for 5 months while I was pregnant and had 3 other kids under 4 to look after too.

Posted by: Yeahie We are waiting for DH to turn 30 so he can get his free vascectomy lol! DH is only 27 and got a free vasectomy last year lol but we have 4 kids so that might have had something to do with it Squawker you definatly need to think about how you would cope if your DH is away and you have the kids by yourself. Dh got deployed to the middle east last year for 5 months when i was pregnant and had 3 kids to look after. It was definatly a hard and stressful time and it is hard on the kids too.

Squawker - I love it but it's not for everyone. We havnt had to go to a remote area yet and you can put in preferences where you woulkd like to be posted (doesnt mean you will get it though) but so far DH has got his 1st preferences for postings. I dont mind being away from family where we are at the moment my parents are 4 hrs away but Dh's are all in different states

That definatly sounds like DHA but really sux they didnt fix it for you especially after a break in. I've heard of a few break ins around this area Thanksfully we have an almost brand new property that has all those things installed. Plus most of the windows are double glazed so harder to get through 2 sets of windows as well as the security screens

We are in Raymo at the moment was there a reason you moved from here?

Cool. Definatly a small world would have been funny if they were in the same squadron Good luck deciding where you want to go next when is his next posting? I like the area here and at this stage would like to stay here as long as possible

Posted by: Yeahie Hey, my DH is posted to Williamtown too! Small world! What section is your DH in? Lol definatly small world. Dh is at the hospital he is a supplier so working in the stores. Where is your DH?

Yeahie - It depends on your family size i guess 1 friend got posted out of Tindal last year and said it added up to costing more even with the allowances but they were a family of 6 so 4 kids (1 under 1 so not eating much) and got the same allowances as someone with just a partner and no kids so for them it ended up more expensive after larger electricity bills from all the aircons in the house and groceries costing more so it would just depend really. If you have friends going there that would definalty be good i recon like you said you can support eachother, I dont know anyone up there but then again i didnt know anyone here (Williamtown) either but have met some lovely RAAF wives already but that would definalty make it an easier transition Just do what feel right i guess are you able to go up there and have a look around? see if you like the area