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k8nz replied to topic TTC - Experience after BCP

Thanks for replying Lja85! I'm now in CD56 and super frustrated!! Since my post I've had blood tests done that all appeared normal, which is good. I've been to the doctor and they...

Friday 03 June 09:40am

k8nz started new topic Has anyone used Vitex or Fertilaid?

Hi all I've been off the pill for over 3 months now and besides my withdrawal bleed I'm still waiting for AF! It's incredibly frustrating. I've read lots of Vitex and Fertila...

Thursday 02 June 07:25pm

k8nz started new topic TTC - Experience after BCP

Hi all I'm 28 years old and hubby and I are TTC #1. I had been on Yasmin since 2005 and stopped it in March this year. I had my withdrawal bleed a few days later that lasted for 5 days. Since...

Sunday 22 May 09:28am

k8nz started new topic TTC #1

Hi all! I'm new to this site but have found the forums super useful! We are currently TTC #1 and I had a few questions, if anyone can help? I was on Yasmin BCP since 2005 and came off it in ...

Monday 16 May 08:54pm
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