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Samih790 replied to topic tip toe walking

Toe walking is normal in toddlers at this age. In a very small number of cases tip toe walking can be due to underlying causes. Keep a watch on him and you can surely consult your pediatrician if i...

Tuesday 22 December 11:46pm

Samih790 replied to topic 7 days late

Hey, what's a update? I agree with others here. Blood test would be the best option for you to know for sure. Hpts needs more pregnancy hormones to be built up to detect, compared to blood test.

Tuesday 22 December 11:10pm

Samih790 replied to topic Tongue tied and chewing!

My friend’s son has got it snipped when he was around 4 months old. He is now 3.5 and has no problem in chewing, swallowing. He speaks just as like any normal kid so overall they are happy about it.

Tuesday 22 December 02:27am

Samih790 replied to topic How do you look after your little one when they have a cold?

Our best bet is steam shower, and nasal spray to relieve congestion if any.

Tuesday 22 December 02:14am

Samih790 replied to topic Cleft lip

Cleft lips and cleft palate are birth defects of the mouth that are formed during early foetal development. Genetic mutations that cause cleft lips and cleft palate are not preventable. Surgery to ...

Thursday 17 December 02:03am

Samih790 replied to topic Did you take any herbs or do acupuncture to help you conceive?

Acupuncture frequently combined with herbal medicine has been used for centuries to treat some but not all causes of infertility. Acupuncture helps treat infertility caused by hyperthyroidism or hy...

Thursday 17 December 01:56am

Samih790 replied to topic Is it a UTI?

Hey, it’s most likely to be a normal finding. Pregnant women can sometimes excrete proteins and leukocytes in urine. Proteins and leukocytes in urine in this case mostly originate from a woman'...

Wednesday 09 December 08:03pm

Samih790 replied to topic sleepless nights & honey

No, I haven’t come across any such case where honey can disturb infant sleep schedule. However it’s certainly not a good thing to continue, not at least till she completes one year. Few babies are ...

Wednesday 09 December 07:55pm

Samih790 replied to topic Circumcision - yes or no??

Thank you beautiful ladies for reassurance. We are definitely consulting a paediatrician over this, but it’s always good to have this kind of discussion, especially for just a new stay at home dad.

Friday 04 December 06:42pm

Samih790 replied to topic hello 7month old is teething..

Freeze everything from teethers, to wet washcloths, to carrots and celery, it helps in numbing the aching gums in your little ones.

Thursday 03 December 07:35pm

Samih790 started new topic Circumcision - yes or no??

Hiya, Our DS has just turned four. We are in confusion whether to do circumcision for him or not. It is not for any religious reason, but his foreskin is really loose and hangs out. He never compl...

Thursday 03 December 07:22pm

Samih790 replied to topic Daddy's girl

Hey, there is really not much you can do about it. Most children will go through a phase (probably more than once) of preferring one parent to the other, and possibly even excluding one parent or c...

Thursday 03 December 07:11pm

Samih790 replied to topic What are your top tips for treating eczema?

If you have eczema, it is important to take good care of your skin. Take warm (not hot!) baths on a regular basis and immediately applying moisturisers afterwards will help keep your skin moist. Wi...

Friday 27 November 02:46am

Samih790 replied to topic Highly Anemic

It's normal to have mild anaemia when you are pregnant. But you may have more severe anaemia from low iron or vitamin levels or from other reasons. Anaemia can leave you feeling tired and weak...

Friday 27 November 02:43am

Samih790 replied to topic What do you find most challenging about pregnancy?

Plenty of attention is given to the physical changes and discomforts in a woman’s body during pregnancy. During the nine months, a woman’s moods and emotions can range from the highs of feeling ove...

Friday 27 November 02:39am

Samih790 replied to topic Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores, sometimes called fever blisters, are the group of small blisters on the lip and around the mouth. Treatment may include skin creams, ointments or sometimes pills. Use sun block or lip b...

Monday 23 November 04:55pm
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