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Mortonio89 replied to topic Blighted ovum support

So just a little update, it's all very confusing. I met with the specialist doctor last Friday who told me that due to the fact I hadn't had a blood test since the 20th and the sac was st...

Friday 06 November 06:11pm

Mortonio89 replied to topic Deepwater NSW

I can't tell you a huge amount about deepwater but I live in Tenterfield and travel through Deepwater often. I know there's no real shopping centres in Deepwater, there is a Foodworks but...

Wednesday 28 October 03:24pm

Mortonio89 started new topic Blighted ovum support

Hi I've just found out today that I have a blighted ovum. I went for a scan last week and I was supposed to be 7w2d but the sac measured at 5w3d. They thought maybe my ovulation was out, so ...

Wednesday 28 October 03:14pm
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