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RJadeA replied to topic Help

From my experience it happens from about 8-10 weeks. Who blames them, I would much rather fall asleep being cuddled! And for my first baby I was in the same predicament. If you feel like things nee...

Tuesday 03 October 08:41pm

RJadeA started new topic How do I help my nearly 3 year old deal with his sudden fear of wind??

My 3 yr old son has always been quite sensitive to noise, unknown social groups etc. He is generally a happy, talkative at home or at relatives houses. We have taken him outside nearly everyday rai...

Tuesday 03 October 08:21pm

RJadeA replied to topic losec advice

Hi ,my boys reflux was so so bad. would choke and cough and would conjest up in his sleep . was scary. i was gonna mention it actually on your other post, I found that gaviscon did not work at all...

Monday 07 September 09:27pm

RJadeA replied to topic Safety-T Sleep Wrap

great! they are sooo good. My boy was pushing up the end of the cot and hitting his head, kicking off his blankets and trying to roll. Took care of all 3. Use in conjuction with a sleeping bag, doe...

Monday 07 September 09:05pm

RJadeA replied to topic Negative comments

From My experience and others it does seem people like to make your pregnancy about themselves. Its your baby, your experience and really they should not be freaking you out by telling you there ba...

Monday 07 September 08:58pm

RJadeA replied to topic 8mth sleeping issues

Hi dont worry, no judging here! (: Got a few ideas..things to try... Is she kicking off her blankets. moving up the cot, maybe getting cold? We started using the safe t strap thing and a sleeping ...

Monday 07 September 08:45pm

RJadeA replied to topic Hard white stuff coming out of montgomery glands. Early pregnancy symptom???

And actually come to think of it that and sore boobs were my first symptoms when I got pregnant! sounds promising! goodluck (:

Monday 07 September 08:12pm

RJadeA replied to topic feeding/sleeping routine 12 week old

Hello, Mine was prem and had terrible reflux. At 3 months old during the day I would feed upon waking (times below) .Then playtime. Like you though he would still need his head higher than his tumm...

Monday 07 September 07:58pm

RJadeA replied to topic 9 month old routine

6 - up + bottle+breakfast 9 - Bottle - I treat his as morning tea then NAP 11/11.30 - wakes up, play etc 12 - bottle+lunch 2 - top up bottle (kind of a afternoon tea snack, this makes sure he s...

Monday 07 September 07:56pm

RJadeA replied to topic Hard white stuff coming out of montgomery glands. Early pregnancy symptom???

I am pretty sure this is very normal, when I was pregnant it started happening more, I am sure I read online it has been linked to a better milk production once breastfeeding , I would not worry. ...

Monday 07 September 06:55pm

RJadeA replied to topic Worried about when baby starts to roll over onto stomach in bed.

Can be a worry but you should start to notice him trying to roll when he is awake before it possibly happen in their cot, my boy didn't roll until he was 7 months old and was a good month of ...

Monday 07 September 06:48pm
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