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Amy233 replied to topic Anyone cured their gestational diabetes?

I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago, i have read a lot of diabetes e-books, articles, and magazines in my time, i stumbled upon this professional review site about how to manage diabetes eff...

Monday 17 November 02:56pm

Amy233 replied to topic Your Baby's Sleep

My Baby is 3 months old and still waking up, I just keep reminding myself that its only for a few more months.

Monday 17 November 02:48pm

Amy233 replied to topic Your Safety Tips

make sure there aren't any small pieces and that nothing can come off of it to prevent choking. I try to get plastic toys the best since they are the easiest to properly sanitize. Always check...

Monday 03 November 10:38am

Amy233 replied to topic Duck Cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the best of my knowledge there are no instructions - I have a vast collection of design cakes. Never heard of it. However, it is reasonably easy to do - you sound brave Step One Get out ...

Monday 27 October 07:44pm

Amy233 replied to topic What does everyone with parents do for christmas? RE: extended family

Go to the dollar store and get a picture frame. Then get all the kids together n take a pic n get it printed....or draw them something or make a poem...something they can hang up.....or get them a ...

Monday 27 October 07:41pm
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