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Kazzzav replied to topic Has anyone ever heard of "baby blue vein" and "sugar bug" in infants?

My son also had a prominent vein there that was like a blue spot in between his eyes at top of nose, he is almost 4 and it is still there, it isnt as obvious now though and just looks like a vein r...

Wednesday 29 July 09:33pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Private health just for pregnancy with an elective Caesarian, prices, who to go through, info?

Hi, I dont know much about the prolapse side of things as to whether that allows you the option of a c-section in public hospital, they dont like to do elective c-sections unless necessary so maybe...

Monday 13 July 09:49pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Help!! Toilet training

I tt my twins at 14 months and I just jumped straight into it with undies, it makes the process easier as its less confusing for them, keep it consistent. I did it when I could spend a few days at...

Monday 06 July 07:11pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Twin number 2 has no name!

Congratulations! We had twins and we struggled to think of two boys names as well but we had a boy and girl so we only needed one! I like the sound of Harry and Thomas from your list. Good luck de...

Monday 06 July 07:06pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Was a great sleeper till now!

Have you changed his bedtime if he isnt sleeping during the day now? My twins stopped sleeping during the day before they turned 2 and we moved bedtime from 7pm to 6pm and at 3 1/2 they still go t...

Saturday 06 June 09:23pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Mr. Independent!!

You could make finger foods such as meatballs, meatloaf cut into small pieces, tuna patties, shredded chicken or use egg as the protein such as boiled eggs, quiche/frittata cut into small pieces,

Saturday 06 June 09:06pm

Kazzzav replied to topic grandparents

We went through this when my twins were really young in the first couple of months. In the end we had to just have the discussion with my inlaws about it and explain why we were asking them to lea...

Tuesday 28 April 09:19pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Any tips to get b/f baby to take a bottle.

Nothing worked for one of my twins to take a bottle, they had both had to switch to formula at 2 weeks old for about 2 weeks while I was on steroid cream and antibiotics which I couldnt avoid but I...

Tuesday 21 April 09:14pm

Kazzzav replied to topic i have tried breastfeeding with my first baby, with my second baby i am thinking of both breast and bottle is it ok

With my twins I fully bf my son till he was 14 months, he refused to ever drink any formula or use a bottle when I was at work 2 days a week so I expressed for that time and he used a straw cup, my...

Tuesday 21 April 09:06pm

Kazzzav replied to topic How much help do you get from your family?

I think it depends on what kind of relationship you have with your family. We have 3 year old twins and 3 sets of grandparents - my mum/stepdad, dad/stepmum and MIL/FIL. We both have siblings howe...

Thursday 02 April 08:25pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Private V Public with twins

When i had my twins all the scans were slightly more exepensive and I did have a couple of extra growth scans to monitor, all scans I had though were given some rebate from Medicare, think most sca...

Sunday 29 March 08:27pm

Kazzzav replied to topic How do you put your 2 year old to sleep??

My twins are 3 now but I have never rocked patted or stayed with them in their room while they went to sleep, they both got themselves into a matching routine from day one and always self settled. ...

Monday 23 March 07:04pm

Kazzzav replied to topic How do I initiate toilet training?

Rindercella777-241 wrote: Hi Kazzzav, My 18 month old is showing the same signs as Kirstelf's DD. I was wondering how long you would let your children sit on the toilet for whenthey were just ...

Sunday 15 March 04:32pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Toilet training...he just won't go!

Have you tried taking him to the toilet with Daddy and getting them to stand together to do a wee, use a ping pong ball to both aim at if you want to. My twins tt at 14 months and my son started b...

Saturday 14 March 08:45pm

Kazzzav replied to topic HELP! At my wits end with bedtime!

Does he have a day sleep at all and what time/how long? Could this be making the bedtime harder as he is getting older and not tired at bedtime? My twins stopped sleeping during the day before turn...

Saturday 14 March 08:34pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Falling out of bed!!!

My twins are 3 and they use the toddler beds as well. They dont regularly fall out but every now and then they do. Only a couple of nights ago I was downstairs and heard a huge thud and my dd had ...

Friday 13 March 08:57pm

Kazzzav replied to topic bleeding and back pains

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, take time for yourself it is such a hard time. We lost our first set of twins at different stages of our pregnancy and it is heartbreaking. Hugs to you x

Thursday 12 March 08:15pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Transitioning from Sleeping Bag to Bedding

Hi,I transitioned my twins from their grobags to normal bedding at about 21 months when they moved to a toddler bed. I just got them both a double bed doona that would last and I used to fold the e...

Monday 09 March 07:38pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Clexane and worried

I took clexane for about half of my pregnancy. We did ivf and this was part of our fs protocol to eliminate this as a potential problem. I just took it a part and parcel of process and doing it for...

Wednesday 25 February 10:55pm

Kazzzav replied to topic Is it selfish to take my 6 month old on long walks in the pram when she's awake?

I used to take my twins walking every afternoon from when they were a couple of months old till they were about 1 in the pram and used to go for about 45 minutes and they always loved it, looking a...

Tuesday 17 February 04:44pm
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