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MumToOscar replied to topic Baby girl due in about 12 days . . Help with final three names PLEASE!!

I know it's not on the short list but what about Frankie?

Monday 18 August 09:07pm

MumToOscar replied to topic Maternity clothes

my_lil_monkey11 wrote: Try asos : ) (its an online store) the maternity category has a huge range of gorgeous dresses/jeans/tops etc : ) usually free delivery too! I love asos. Still wearing the m...

Monday 18 August 09:03pm

MumToOscar replied to topic Won't take a bottle

Hello! I had the same issues with my previously ebf son. I don't believe starving is key, but finding the right bottle/teat. The only one I found to work were Pigeon brand. Have a look at thei...

Monday 18 August 08:57pm
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