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Micnae replied to topic Hi everyone

Hi I have a almost 4 year old and a 5 month old. I got diagnosed with depression after I had a misscarriage. Was put on a depressants then. I came off them before we tired for our 3 year old. And I...

Sunday 07 December 10:27pm

Micnae replied to topic Anyone cured their gestational diabetes?

I had gestational diabetes with my second daughter. I read lots started eating better as I hate eating when pregnant I have no appetite. They say excise is good. But I ended up on insulin and just ...

Monday 24 November 12:43pm

Micnae replied to topic what Questions to ask at 20 week scan?

Just ask what you want to know. They can see the sex normally if you want to know that. Where you placenta is. Is the baby growing normally. Anything wrong that they can see.

Tuesday 18 November 12:57pm

Micnae replied to topic Gestational diabetes/induction & born before induction

I know this was 3 months ago so it will properly not help. But yes I also delivered at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes. I was having tightening so baby was on its way any way. But due to my fa...

Tuesday 18 November 12:53pm
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