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Emma_Sims27 replied to topic pristiq and pregnancy

Thanks. Iv also heard it can cause seizures for bub once born.

Saturday 19 July 06:23pm

Emma_Sims27 started new topic pristiq and pregnancy

Hi, im trying to conceive at the moment but just wondering if anyone has had any experience with being pregnant and being on the medication Pristiq? It's an anti depressant but I'm on it ...

Saturday 19 July 11:15am

Emma_Sims27 replied to topic Name feedback?...

I love asha. That is one of the top names on our list if we have a girl. A few people have told me that asha is the girls spelling and Asher is for the boys.

Saturday 19 July 10:55am

Emma_Sims27 replied to topic Help!

Oscar, Charlie, max, Lincoln, Abel.

Saturday 19 July 10:52am
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