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osmumma replied to topic Big baby and worried

Firstly, I will start by saying that your experience will be totally different to anyone elses. Everyones body is different and responds differently to birth. In saying that though, I had the sam...

Friday 06 November 03:45pm

osmumma replied to topic Onrex (Ondansetron) for Morning Sickness

I was prescribed ondansetron wafers for severe morning sickness. They worked great for me but came with some pretty horrendous side affects. No nice way to put it, they made me so constipated I cou...

Friday 23 October 03:43pm

osmumma replied to topic Formula Feeding From Birth

Hi, I FF my first and am planning to do the same with my Dec arrival. I really think it depends on where you have your child and what the nurses rostered on are like. I was terribly bullied with ...

Wednesday 03 June 06:49pm
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