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courtly started new topic TTC post miscarriage

I recently had a miscarriage at 8wks gestation. I've been told conflicting information about when we can ttc again afterwards by my doctor. 2wks, 6wks as soon as we are ready. Does anyone kno...

Tuesday 15 August 03:11pm

courtly started new topic Name ideas please

I'm pregnant again and am stuck on name ideas that hubby and I both agree on. We have a 10.5month old named Mitchell Thomas Lloyd. Could you offer some suggestions please?

Monday 10 August 12:09pm

courtly replied to topic breastmilk/colostrum

Turns out I'm 5 weeks pregnant lol EDD: April 1st 2016. We'll have 2 under 2 (at least until September 24th 2016 when our son turns 2)

Saturday 01 August 10:36am

courtly replied to topic breastmilk/colostrum

The off white to clear discharge started almost a full month after I stopped breastfeeding. It's been a month and a half now and still happens on occasion. My boobs have pretty much always be...

Monday 27 July 04:42pm

courtly replied to topic Teaching kids to stop touching things they shouldn't touch??

We have a 10month old who is constantly playing with our dvd player, we just give him a smack on the hand. We have also rearranged our dvds so he can't get them off the shelf easily seeing as...

Monday 20 July 02:51pm

courtly started new topic breastmilk/colostrum

Mr Google was no help, so I thought I'd ask here. When your breastmilk dries up does it: a) Just dry up? OR b) Go thick, creamy and off white before turning into a colostrum like substance...

Monday 20 July 12:15pm

courtly replied to topic Are Paps important?

I'd get it done now if I were you for peace of mind. I was 5weeks along when I found out I was pregnant, funnily enough my appointment was booked to get the pap done, just so happened I was f...

Wednesday 17 September 10:35am

courtly started new topic Family Tax Benefit

Can anyone explain the difference between FTB A and FTB B? The centrelink website is too confusing for me tonight

Tuesday 02 September 09:44pm

courtly replied to topic Shortest time span between pregnancies

Well the age gaps between my mum and her siblings (10 pregnancies, 2 still births, 1 baby passing 2days after birth and 0 miscarriages over a 12year time frame) sees age gaps as small as 10months a...

Tuesday 02 September 12:35pm

courtly replied to topic How to hurry baby along - your tips

Full term is up to 42 weeks so I wouldn't rush things. Bub will come when they are ready.

Tuesday 02 September 12:11pm

courtly replied to topic Baby shower etiquette

If the babies are the same sex then it isn't necessary to have a baby shower for number 2, but having said that it doesn't mean you can't - just think of it as a way to get your near...

Tuesday 08 July 11:29am

courtly replied to topic When is an appropriate time to start buying baby items?

I wouldn't start buying until your in the second trimester. I'm 29weeks and I've only just gotten a cot and pram and capsule organised. Other than that I have nothing, not even nappi...

Tuesday 08 July 11:22am

courtly replied to topic Baby Shower invitations

I'm a control freak so she let me do the invites so I felt involved in the planning, but everything else has been left up to her. I'm nervous about it, as I feel lost without the control ...

Friday 20 June 08:44am

courtly replied to topic pain after sex

it stopped after 6-12hours, but if it happens again i'll definitely talk to my Dr or MW (probably my MW tho as my Dr is so unhelpful and rude, thankfully I'm moving back to my home town a...

Friday 20 June 08:37am

courtly started new topic Baby Shower invitations

Just a quick question. My cousin is planning and hosting my baby shower at he mums place. Do I still send both of them an invite to the baby shower?

Friday 20 June 08:27am

courtly replied to topic one baby or more????? whats your choice

Even tho my partner already has 4 (and wasn't particularly keen on having more - but he is willingly having more with me), We're having 2. Currently pregnant with #1, and due to twins run...

Friday 20 June 08:25am

courtly started new topic pain after sex

I was wondering if anyone knows if it is normal to have vaginal/uterus pain after sex at 26weeks pregnant?

Monday 16 June 06:57pm

courtly replied to topic How much weight gain have you put on during pregnancy?

I was 94kg when I got pregnant and am now 84kg, so I've lost 10kg. I was advised to only gain 7kg during pregnancy. Oh and I'm 26+2weeks along

Monday 16 June 06:50pm

courtly replied to topic Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/

I'm having hubby and both our mums and if I'm allowed one more after that it'll likely be my best friend

Saturday 17 May 12:14pm

courtly replied to topic A different perspective.

Yes we're still very much in agreement with the boys name. But we also agree that we need to figure out a couple of other names just in case the chosen one doesn't suite him, and that is ...

Friday 09 May 04:18pm
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