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Tara_Kemp83 replied to topic What are your top tips for treating eczema?

hi my doc told me to try on my 5 month old son a mixture of QV Cream and vegetable oil but you have to put it on straight after a bath while they are still wet it soaks in better with water my doc ...

Sunday 25 October 10:14pm

Tara_Kemp83 replied to topic Any mums in or have been in this situation?

hi have you read SAVE OUR SLEEP her feeding and sleeping routine has been great for my two kids they have both slept from 7pm till 7am with a dream feed at 10pm since about 7 weeks old not saying ...

Sunday 25 October 10:02pm

Tara_Kemp83 replied to topic Low thyroid

hi i had low thyroid levels in both my pregnancies i was seeing a specialist to keep it under control you need to make sure you take your medication maybe try taking it at a different time of the d...

Thursday 10 September 11:11pm
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