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Erin_Dawkins replied to topic hcg level low but missed period

With first pregnancy my HCG was so low that pregnancy tests didn't work until 9 weeks. Pregnancy was smooth sailing. Second pregnancy tests lit up like a neon and I suffered a lot of pregnanc...

Monday 15 August 10:52am

Erin_Dawkins replied to topic Trying to conceive

Mine was similar. I didn't have a problem conceiving and docs didn't consider irregular.

Monday 15 August 10:50am

Erin_Dawkins started new topic 2nd Trimester Weight loss

Hi all, Before pregnancy I was a normal weight and have had an extremely healthy diet. I did indulge a bit in my first trimester but tried to ensure I was eating mostly nutritious food. I am now...

Monday 15 August 09:05am
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