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A_baby23 replied to topic Excessively clingy 16 months old - any advice on how to tame this??

If you guys want to understand what is happening with your child's development, download this app "THE WONDER WEEKS", it helped me heaps and to know what's coming next in the le...

Tuesday 18 August 08:44pm

A_baby23 started new topic Premature baby: Feeding Disability & not gaining weigh

My little girl was born at 23 weeks & 6 day. Her actual age is 11 months and corrected age 7 months. She never had a big volume of formula but could get in between 500-600 ml's per day if ...

Monday 25 May 08:45am

A_baby23 replied to topic Lactogen and Novalac

Taine's Mum wrote: Hi Im in NZ, can you get Novolac or Lactogen here? Ive been to a couple of supemarkets and cannot see the brands. Cheers! I also want to know please?

Friday 05 December 12:21pm

A_baby23 started new topic 2nd IVF started

We have been TTC for 7 years and decided on IVF. I have had 2x Letz (CIN2) operations in the past and also endometriosis. I have done a successful IVF cycle (ISCI) in Hamilton and fell pregnant. I...

Monday 23 December 06:49pm
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