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Tyler calls me 'mama" and I call him ' tyzie bear'

Friday 14 November 01:00pm replied to topic Curious

Tyler calls me 'mama" and I call him ' tyzie bear'

Friday 14 November 01:00pm started new topic Mentally & physically drained

After splitting with my fiancé a few months ago, my son will not sleep for me. I'm doing everything exactly the same as I did before. We share him 2 nights each. He sleeps perfectly fine for m...

Wednesday 15 October 03:01am replied to topic Feminine Boys Names for a Girl


Friday 12 September 03:07pm started new topic Pregnant!

So, it's my birthday today and I've just got a positive pregnancy text! I'm am so nervous, scared and excited. How did everyone adjust from 1 baby to 2??

Sunday 08 June 02:01pm replied to topic Could I be pregnant?

I have missed my period as well. Eating like a horse, super moody and just feel off. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative I got so down about it. It will happen when the time is r...

Saturday 31 May 02:31pm replied to topic Eloise or Matilda

Matilda is gorgeous, Tilda for short

Saturday 31 May 02:18pm replied to topic Cleaning with vinegar

Yes, I totally agree. I don't think it smells bad at all. When you clean with bleach or other hard chemicals, the smell stays around for hours!

Saturday 31 May 01:22pm started new topic Cleaning with vinegar

Hey all mummies and mummies to be, I have a new found love for cleaning with vinegar, it works great. However, my partner absolutely hates the smell. Is there anything I can mix with the vinegar t...

Saturday 31 May 10:50am replied to topic Am I over reacting?

Like it's our sons first birthday. I thought he'd want to help. I'm not a fan of cooking but I did it because I love my son.

Sunday 23 March 02:10am started new topic Am I over reacting?

Hi all, just wanted opinion as to whether I'm being unreasonable. So it's the DS first birth day party tomorrow and my grandmother was making the cake. In the process she got a bad back a...

Sunday 23 March 02:09am started new topic Cows milk

My DS doesn't seem to like the taste of cows milk. Which brands do you recommend ? Can I give him soy? Not really sure what to do.

Wednesday 12 March 12:20am replied to topic Daycare for socialisation purposes?

I have only just started taking DS to play group and he's almost one. He absolutely love it though. It's good to get out with other mummies and for him to socialise .

Monday 10 March 01:02am started new topic Cloth nappies

I am interested in cloth nappies. It will be cheaper in the long run and better for the environment . Can anyone recommend a good brand they use and prices?

Sunday 09 March 11:21pm started new topic Typical diet for 1 year old

Hiya all (: My DS is almost one and wanting less bottles. I'm not entirely sure if he's eating the right foods at the moment. What is your babies typical day diet. He's still havin...

Thursday 06 March 11:38am replied to topic Knees are red raw.

It's mainly on the hot days because his knees aren't covered. Good idea about the stubby holder.

Tuesday 25 February 11:11pm started new topic Knees are red raw.

My DS is 11 months old and his knees are red raw and inflamed from all his crawling around. It just looks so painful and I can see he try to avoid crawling on harder surfaces the past few days. Is ...

Tuesday 25 February 08:06am started new topic Play group

What are your experiences with play group?

Thursday 20 February 10:52pm started new topic Cows milk

When is a good time to start usng cows milk instead of formula. My son is 10 months old and has yogurts, cheese etc. so I'm pretty sure there's no allergies.

Monday 20 January 08:38pm started new topic When and how do I start toilet training?

My son is 10 months old. When is a good time to start toilet training and how?

Wednesday 08 January 10:10pm
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