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addaz replied to topic Topic for discussion; Does it matter to you...

my twins were unplanned. a few years later me and my hubby tried for another child and it never worked out for. then 10 years later we have just had a gorgeous wee girl she may not have been planne...

Friday 21 September 10:23am

addaz replied to topic Fusspot formula fed baby after 3 months of breastfeeding

hi there i think that some babys are just fussy wheather or there breast or bottle. I have a similar problem with my wee girl she has just hit 3 mths fully breast feeding but im lucky if i can get ...

Wednesday 12 September 11:26am

addaz replied to topic Scared of having an epidural

i was so scared of having a epi that with my first pregancey i gave birth to twins with no drugs and coming into my second i stressed to my midwife that i was not wanting to have any needles near m...

Saturday 11 August 07:02pm

addaz replied to topic 37 weeks is this classified as premmie

my wee bundle was 37 +1 weeks weighing 5lb 13oz she was extremly floopy with low blood sugars.she was sent to scbu were 3 days later she was ammitted to the nicu for closer monitering. we spent a t...

Wednesday 01 August 11:57am
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