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Jenjas_5 replied to topic Going back to work - which breast pumps work best for you?

I used the philips avent single electric pump, I was quite happy with it. I expressed at work and found it very compact to carry around and clean when out and about. Im not too sure about hiring s...

Monday 19 October 09:58am

Jenjas_5 started new topic Choosing names that go together for brothers and sisters

Hi, Names are so hard. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to which names both girls and boy names go with Chloe. Have named my daughter Chloe. Expecting my second baby in January. I wou...

Monday 19 October 09:53am

Jenjas_5 replied to topic bassinet suggestions

I brought a love n care one and i was very happy with it. Id suggest going to a few baby stores and just having a look to what you like and how much you want to spend. I wanted one on wheels, that ...

Monday 19 October 09:49am

Jenjas_5 replied to topic Iron Levels

Whats the best high fibre cereal to eat while pregnant?

Saturday 21 April 06:54pm

Jenjas_5 replied to topic free samples??

I requested free samples from johnson and johnson as you suggested. the pack of free samples came very fast via the post. thanks

Sunday 15 April 06:55am
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