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Mich85 replied to topic Weight gain?

Hi, I've been a bit concerned about weight gain too so I'll just share what I've learnt. My pre-pregnancy weight was 56kg and I had only put on 1kg up to 18weeks. By 21 weeks I had put on anothe...

Tuesday 17 January 09:49pm

Mich85 replied to topic Rough Start - starving your baby

Hi, I'm only a first time mummy-to-be at the moment so I'm not qualified to give any real advice but I have heard on other sites of breast-feeding biscuits. Sounds a bit crazy but lots of women swe...

Sunday 27 November 06:10am

Mich85 replied to topic Does someone want to help me out here?

Yikes! What a tricky situation. I also have a half-sister who I have only met briefly when I was 10. I know shes on facebook but I havent added her because of this same awkward stuff. I know I am n...

Friday 18 November 05:55am

Mich85 replied to topic Student midwife looking to build supportive relationships during your journey

Hi Paige, What would be required of the mum-to-be?

Tuesday 01 November 04:30am

Mich85 started new topic Prawns for Christmas Lunch?

Hi All, I am desperate to carry on my Christmas tradition of gorging myself on prawns at lunch time but I'm afraid it may be a 'no-no' as I'm pregnant! I am wondering if theres any way I can eat c...

Tuesday 01 November 02:38am

Mich85 replied to topic Zero Appetite!

I kind of know how you feel and actually came on the forum to vent about this very frustration! I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and feeling quite emotional today. After getting a lecture last night from my...

Saturday 29 October 03:05am

Mich85 replied to topic moving to brisbane

Hi, I've lived on the southside of Brisbane pretty much all my life so I can pretty much comment only on the southside and the westside where I'm now living. Southside - the areas with a poor rep...

Wednesday 28 September 10:53pm

Mich85 replied to topic Due May 2012

Hi All, Found out at the end of last week hubby and I are expecting our first baby on 5th May!!! I am so excited and also a little shocked even though we had been TTC. Been experiencing breast s...

Monday 12 September 08:05pm
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