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Due in March 2020

Anyone else just find out they are due in March 2020??

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I’d love to be added to the fb group ???? I’m due 3rd March. I’m on fb as Bethany Lang, based in Albury south Canterbury


Baby measuring small

Hi Ladies just wondering if anyone has had there bub measuring 2 weeks behind. We just had a 28 w...

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Mixed thoughts

Hi all, I Mc at 20 weeks on the 12/12 last year. I was a mess at first but now i belive everyth...

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Your fertility specialist will review the records of your cycle very carefully before your next visit. He'll possibly learn rea...



Hey everyone! My name is Andie. I am super confused therefore decided to talk about my problem on...

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Egg retrieval can be done in your clinic 34 to 36 hours after the final injection and before ovulation. During egg retrieval, you&#x...


Prepping For IVF

Hi Everyone, I am facing infertility issues. Now, I am preparing for IVF Treatment and I am scare...

21 replies

These might be some of just general tips for everyone ttc. They'll definitely not bring harm to anyone when being followed. Tr...


5 weeks and always hungry

Hi ladies, I've just gone 5 weeks and I'm always hungry!! I notice that I'm eating...

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Hi there. I often read ladies telling about their mood swings as prego symptoms. But this is very individual. Moreover for those goi...