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Pasta suggestions

My 2 year old daughter loves rice and pasta. I would love some ideas on what I could put in her ...

8 replies

I often add Szechuan sauce to pasta, rice. How To Make Szechuan Sauce You can see what you need for it. 5 large garlic cloves ...

* Gabriella''s Mum *

Family Dinners with a 13 month old

Hello Ladies, I'm wondering what meals you make your families to suit a 13 month old who you are...

9 replies

My favorite sauce now is Sichuan. How To Make Szechuan Sauce Very easy recipe. You can cook it for your family.


Creamy tomato pasta sauce

Do you reckon if I just add some cream to passata it'd make a nice creamy sauce or do you re...

4 replies

I very much like different sauces. And tomato too. But my favorite now is Sichuan. How To Make Szechuan Sauce Very easy recipe. St...


3 yr old won't eat sauces

My 3 year old won't eat anything with sauches or toppings on it - even butter on bread! She is al...

3 replies

I guess I can not help with your problem. How To Make Szechuan Sauce However, I can advise a great recipe.


HCG levels

So I went to go check if I could have babies only to find out through a blood test that I was act...

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November 2019 Facebook group

Hi ladies, I have a secret Facebook group for those due in November. Comment your email address i...

18 replies

Please add me I am due on 25 November 2019