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Sharing Personal Details

Hi there, Just a reminder when sharing personal information, that the Huggies Forum is a means ...

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math classes / tuition for toddlers?

Hi Can anyone point me to any math classes or tutors that have experience with two-year olds and...

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Online moto x3m game


How to recover the missing AOL Sign in screen?

If you wish to recover the missing AOL sign-in screen, you can do it using some really simple ste...

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Due in March 2019

Hey, Just posting to see if anyone else is due in March out there.

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Hey everyone, you're so brave I'm inspired to speak up about myself. I'm from Canberra, 23 y.o. and I already have a ...


Looking for friends in Canberra

Hi there everyone. I'm a Mum with a 3 year old girl. I joined this site because we are looki...

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Hi Sue my 3 yr old girl loves her balance bike also and shoes id love to meet up for a coffee sometime I'm not working at the m...


New to canberra

Hi Everyone I'm Averil and new to canberra since christmas my partner was transferred here f...

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Wedding Dress Hire; its an emergency!

Hi beautiful forum people, My sister eloped overseas, so when she comes back to Australia we are...

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Hahaha i wish it were a surprise lol but yes we've always been saying there will be an aussie wedding too


Fenton's procedure at Canberra Hospital

Just wondering if anyone has undergone a fenton's procedure at Canberra hospital and what it...

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Unable to conceive

Well this is me, im in my late 20s and i have been told that i will never be able to conceive nat...

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Sounds like you are going through a tough time angelatheart, What are the reasons you have been told you are unable to conceive?


Mental Health First Aid

Hi all, I'm expecting my second child in September. All going well so far. I thought this ...

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I did this course through work in about 2003ish and it was very beneficial, it has helped me a lot in my personal life too. True story


Guitar lessons for 4 1/2 - 5 yr olds in north side

Does anyone have any recommendations for places that give lessons.

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Swim School for toddlers

Does anyone know of a good swim school for babies/toddlers in Southern Canberra??

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Sam Cocking in Narrandundah - has done wonders with my nephews and nieces. XS.



Hey, I recently found out that I am expecting, but I dont have the support of my family or the b...

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Feel free to PM me. Whilst not young, my wife had her first child whilst doing law school, went back and did well. XS.


after-school Mandarin / Cantonese classes?

Hi Can anyone recommend any good madarin/cantonese classes that run after-school hours? (rather...

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Music lessons for 3-5 yr olds

Hi, was wondering if anyone in canberra can suggest a music lesson/activity class during winter. ...

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Great have booked Blueberris, it's affordable and sounds fun.

Young mums and mums-to-be in Canberra?

Hey Ladies just wanted to pop in say hello iv been in Canberra 3 years now and totally get what y...

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Hey Bree - have just sent you a text. Would love to catch up this week. I am free Friday morning for coffee/brekky or any night this...


Southside Mums!

Hi Canberra Mums/Mums To Be, I'm 26 with a 4 year old little girl and I'm due to have another ba...

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Amy_13 wrote: Hi All, Im 24 and expecting my 1st baby in just over 5 weeks grin (he is due the day before my birthday so you never ...


Sort of new to Canberra

Hi there I'm 26 and moved to canberra 2 years ago from Scotland and have a daughter aged 7 and a...

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Bubs due in March 2013

Hello Everyone. Just thought I would pop a note up to see if there are any other mums to be with ...

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New to Canberra, looking for Dr.

Hi all, I have a 1 year old daughter and a baby due in June. We have recently moved to Belconnen...

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Calvary Private Canberra Obstetricians

Hi, I would like to have my baby at Canberra Calvary Private Hospital. The four names I have been...

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Loving couple in canberra in search of an egg donor angel

Hi there my name is jen and im 25. My partner steve i s 32 and we are currently in searchof an e...

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Hi Ladies!!

Hi Ladies Im looking for a mother's group that i can start to go to or get together without kids...

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mums meet in Northside.... Bruce/ Belconnen/ Kaleen

Hey ladies,  My name is Naomi i'm 33yrs, I have just moved from Sydney and i'm living in Bruce A...

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Great! send me an email, and we'll work out the specifics.


Young mums in Canberra?

Hi everyone, Im Caitie, 19 years old and I have an 11 month old daughter. We moved to Canberra ab...

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EDIT: Damn, didn't realise this thread was so old.


Looking to Meet other mums

HI Everyone, I am 38 and pregnant with my third child. This little man will be the first for my...

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Hi, I'm 36, pregnant with my 3rd baby. My other two are almost 11 and 7. So yeah, biggish gap. Not as big as yours though. Would...

carpe diem

Obstetricians in Canberra

Hi I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first child and living in Brisbane. My husband and I will be m...

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I too was from Brisbane and moved to Cootamundra (2 hrs away from Canberra) when I was 7 months pregnant and had to find a new OB in...


mums groups

hi, im in my 20's and i have a son, close to 6 weeks. just wondering if people know of some mum...

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Newborn models wanted for photo shoot.

Hi Canberra Mums, Have you or someone you know just had a baby in the last few days? Or is due i...

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Canberra mums

Just wondering if they're are any mums out there in Canberra that Know of any good activities tha...

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There is giggle and wiggle. Here is the link I also take my little girl to swim...


New to Canberra

Hi im looking to meet other mums or mums to be. I have a 3 month old son and moving to canberra i...

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Hi, There's a couple of free events in Canberra you and bub might be interested including mother's group or playgroup, there's heap...


Young Mothers playgroups in the ACT????

Hello, I am a 23 year old mother with a son that is 2 & a daughter who is 8months. I moved back ...

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Hi Sheryl, Welcome back to good old Canberra. There are plenty of Playgroups around Canberra. My advice is to call this number on...


Civic Early Childhood Centre feedback

Hi was wondering if anyone can give me any feedback/experiences/opinions on Civic Early Childhoo...

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mum2H&J <3

young mums in Canerra ?

I know this has been done before but it was a while ago from what I can tell. I'm 23 I have a 2y...

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Hi ladies, I am new to Canberra & loving it so far. I am a photographer & setting up my business after the move. I am holding a com...


New childcare centre

Anyone know anything about it?? Whens it opening? how to get on the waiting list? Thanks if anyon...

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Hi ladies, I am new to Canberra & loving it so far. I am a photographer & setting up my business after the move. I am holding a com...


Other mums in canberra?????

Hi My name is Tanya and i am a mum of 3, a boy 10 and 2 girls 5 and 4 mths. I am moving to canber...

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Hi ladies, I am also new to Canberra & loving it so far. I am a photographer & setting up my business after the move. I am holding ...


egg donation

I am trying to help a happily married couple who have endured years of unsuccessful ivf find an e...

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breast milk bank

I'm currently 24 weeks with baby #3 and new to Canberra. With both of the other kids i had a majo...

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Have you thought about contacting The Canberra Hospital or Calvary and asking them? I heard that TCH used to do it years ago.. I...


Canberra Hairdressers?

Hey lovely ladies, I am looking for a new hairdresser in the canberra area and thought i would s...

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Mothers Group Southside Canberra

Hi All, I am a new mum, i have a 10week old son and now starting to feel normal and not a like a...

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Hi! Congratulations on your baby! I have 2 boys, a 4 year old and a 2 week old. i am also 26. Let me know if you would like to catch...