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Anyone been and what do you think of it?? We are thinking of going. Is there another family friendly holiday resort for families that cater for kids??


Hi - we were down Busselton a couple of weeks back and stayed at Beachlands - which was really nice and had stuff for the kids - but I did take a drive up the road and have a sticky nose at Mandalay - and I think we'll give that a go next time...if you do go - let me know how you like it - it seems to be a lot more organised - and secure - and there's a little kiosk in there too - and closer to the beach - Beachlands was more modern - but I'd like to give Mandalay a go next time....have a nice holiday!!


we did go down to busso and stayed at the mandalay holiday resort. Sometime last year.I would highly recommend. great for kids. accommondation was new and clean, great playgrounds, walk to beach, indoor heated spa.
i used to go there with my parents yearss ago. it was fabulous then! went to busselton recently and noticed the upgrade they have done...i would definetly recomend it!! wonderful secure playgrounds n pool. beach at the end of the drive waY. Go for it !

Danni, WA,

Dont know what its like now but we went five years ago when our daughter was three and we loved it. I'd love to go again.
hi louee, ive been looking through the forums and saw you may be moving to bertram. Have you made the move? Im in bertram.
Yea we have, weve landed in Bertram!!!
Where are you? Do your kids go to daycare??

Thanks ladies for all your info on Mandalay, I have had my eye on it for sometime now so I think def. we will give it a go.


5 years and two kids ago!!!
You def need to go soon and perhaps take your beautiful niece
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