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wanted : new friends Lock Rss

HI im a mum of a beautiful 4 month old boy named TYGA SAGE and a gorge 2yr old girl JAZMIN AMETHYST like most mums they are my whole world so im trying to expand my almost non existant social life haha! so if u and your babies wana meet new friends on and off the net please get backnto me...

Hi there

Would love to get to know you. My msn and email is if you want to add me or email smile

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

Hi i'm kate and i have 3 little boys smile
My msn and email is
Would love to chat smile

I'm Leanne and I have 2 girls, Chelsea is 3 and a half and Indiana is 4 months...
Email is

Would also love to meet new friends... smile
hay girls

My name is tracey and i live north of the river my msn is and i have a 9 month old son ... love to meet new friends


hi Mum of Jazmin and Tyge, I have 1 and 2 yr boys (as well as quite a few pieces of clothing I am not using)would love to make contact and you are welcome to the clothes. my email is MEGHERTZ01@YAHOO.CO.UK


Anyone who wants to chat and have a cuppa drop me an email. I've been here over three years and my social life could use a revamp!
[Edited on 25/04/2008]
Hi ladies,

My name is Amanda-Jane and I have a 19month old beautiful son named Callum. I would love to catch up and have a coffe with anyone as well if you are free. I am originally from Syd and moved to Perth a few years ago.


Hi Ladies,

My name is Helen, Im 24 and I too have no social life. I didnt know they existed when you had kids lol! I have an almost 2 and a half yr old boy, Ethan. Have lived in perth for a while now but originally from UK.

Would anyone like to catch up for a coffee?? We are free most days....hence the no social life lol.

If anyone is interested pm me and we can work out a time to meet.


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