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Getting back to work Lock Rss

Hi mums,

My sister's looking to get back into work after lots of time off (5 years). Was wanting to see if anyone knew of anywhere that can help her get back into it? She's really keen to keep her work hours to a minimum and lives Southside of Brisbane.

Thank you!!

hey, i would recommend that your sis gets into contact with some recruitment agents. there's a bunch around and theyre all super helpful and friendly - some of the franchises even have multiple offices around brissy so you can drop into whichever one is most convenient. if your sis googles recruitment agents most of them are good options to sit down and have a chat with either way - they helped me heaps when i was ready to go back to work! best of luck!
Hey Ward!

Thanks so much for replying! Yeah, I went to a couple of recruitment agencies with her but none worked out coz she's wanting more of a part time role (most of the jobs were for full time). With her taking care of her little one, she needs a bit more time up her sleeve... Those agencies were really focused on women without kids (ie, the ones wanting to climb the corporate ladder) but she just wants something steady that gives her a bit of breathing room grin

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