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what suburbs are good to live in and are still close to the city/under 30 minutes drive/?what would be the price for the 3 bedroom house or how much would it cost to rent one? need a good suburb for a family. anybody who could help me with my questions?
Do you have a specific area in mind? Like the Northside or Southside?

I live in Springwood and its a great place to live on the southside:)

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I've lived on the southside of Brisbane pretty much all my life so I can pretty much comment only on the southside and the westside where I'm now living.

Southside - the areas with a poor reputation include Inala, Woodridge, Marsden, Acacia Ridge (no offence meant to those who live there). If you're looking for closer to the city, Algester is a nice family suburb, Mt Gravatt is good too, as is the Sunnybank area. Rent may be a little higher though. If you're looking for cheaper rent and ok with a 35 minute drive to the CBD(1 hour by bus), you could look at Regents Park which is near Browns Plains and now contains almost every shop known to man! Really, theres a lot of great areas on the southside, I've just mentioned a few.

Westside - If you want close to the CBD and still be in a family area, Mount Ommanney area is lovely and only a 20-25 minute drive to the city and very close to a major shopping center at Indooroopilly and DFO is only 2mins down the road. So suburbs in this area include Sinnamon Park, Westlake, Middle Park, Jamboree Heights, Riverhills, Jindalee. There's a vast difference in rent within these suburbs but I think they're all pretty good. For a three bedroom house, you're looking at rents starting around $370. Some houses in this area went under in the flood earlier this year so I'd look into that before buying! wink
If you go a bit further out, theres Springfield which is a new community and quite nice but the commute to the CBD may take a while.

After living on the southside and now on the westside of Brisbane, I personally prefer the westside.

Have you checked out for the price of rent in these areas?
If you're able to tell us what areas your considering, we might be able to help a bit more. Good luck house hunting!
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