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Relocating to QLD... Help Please!!! Rss

Hey all!

We are looking at relocating to Qld from Melbourne early next year for numerous reasons and was hoping to get your ladies help and opinions!

We would like to live in a good family friendly area with access to public transport/freeways if need be... Problem is we dont know where to start... Can you ladies suggest anywhere that is good?? Or even anywhere we should definately steer clear from?

We are hoping to extend out family next year once we are married so areas with good playgroups and parks would be great to!

We are not sure of Brisbane or the Gold Coast yet but any help would be greatly appriciated. My hubby to be is a carpenter and will be looking into contacts for work down here but if there is any big building/carpentry companies that you know of that would also be a huge help

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there. I moved up from Melbourne to Brisbane in October 2009. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. We considered lots of different areas within 20 minutes of the city, where my husbands work is based. We applied for several rental properties in several areas and ended up getting approved for a home in Bellbowrie. I have decided I love it here. There are great bus services, terrific palygroups, family friendly parks, shopping centre, and it is really easy to get into the city with the kids and in the city there are great parks, free activities and nice places to go for a lunch outing... we also liked the look of Forest Lake and Mt Ommaney, around there. Good luck and hope you settle in okay. Kas


Hi there!
We are living south of the city in Moorooka, we LOVE it! Its very culturally diverse here and I like raising my child in an open-minded community. There are 16 parks in Moorooka, a couple of schools, a train line and bus services. Most of the suburb is within walking distance of the Woolworths. It only takes 15-20 mins to drive from the south side of Moorooka to the city and rent/housing prices are pretty cheap here. I attend a couple of mothers groups in nearby areas, living withing 20 mins of the city means you can easily drive or catch public transport to most places around so if you find a good playgroup it should be no trouble getting there!
Hi Tracey,

Have sent you a PM.
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[Edited on 08/01/2010]
Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much for all your feedback, its been great!

Well we recently bought a house in Birkdale and are looking to move up there mid June!

Are any of you ladies close by?

Thanks again,
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