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Hi Elsa,How are you?Where abouts ru from??
Hi everyone,Hi Sabrina,
How are we all??I think that it would be a great idea to start a mums group up,maybe we could all meet at a shopping centre and have coffee/morning tea or something??I have called heaps of playgroups but the members are all heaps older than me and their kids are heaps older to,I think if we start our own like Broncomumma suggested itd be great for all of us:)Take it easy girls
hey cat, well im good. i still gota reply to your email.
Anyway ladies, lets start a little info about our group, so we can see what areas we r from and where we can meet?

Try stick and pasting this
name: sabrina
age: 23
bubs name: hayden
bubs age: 4months
marital status: married
location: livo
transport: yes, car

Also maybe suggestion on where to meet and what time and day suits everyone.
Hey Sabrina,
Hey everyone,
Hope you are all well:)

name: cat
age: 23
bubs name: jayden
bubs age: 4months
location: campbelltown

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Sorry I forgot to add my suggestion..
Perhaps Macarthur Square at Starbucks or The Coffee Club,somewhere in Kellicar Lane or maybe even Campbelltown Catholic Club???Just a thought..
name: Vivienne
age: 20
bubs name: Alex
bubs age: almost 3 months
marital status: De facto
location: livo
transport: still havent got my licence sad

Liverpool catholic club is very close to where live, but im trying to get my P's hopefully i have my licence by then

name: Stacey
age: 20
bubs name: alexander
bubs age: almost 1
marital status: partner
location: Chipping Norton (liverpool area)
transport: No,apart from public transport

Great idea here is my email addy if anyone would like to chat.
name: Jody
age: 27
bubs name: Melissa and Amy
bubs age: 6 and 1
marital status: Divorced
location: the gong
transport: yes, car
Hi there girls,glad to see the thread is still going slowly but surely.
Hope you are all doing well and that all your bubbas are too.
Anyways keep the thread going,the more the merrier.I hope to get to know you all and look forward to chatting with you all soon.Take it easy girls
Oh also if anyone is interested you pm me.
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Hi hows everyone going,i would love to chat to all of you.

name: Luba
age: 20
bubs name: Lavinia
bubs age: 14 months
marital status: partnered
location: Lidcombe
transport: yes but i dont drive(yet).

i would love to hear from another young mummy, you can contact me on
hi my name is suz , i am 20 and have a 2 month boy. i ive in helensburgh south of sydney and close to the gong.

name; suz
age'; 20
bubs name: logan
bub age: 2 months
maritial status: married
location: helensburgh
transport: public (except wit dh) as only on l's

i would love to meet up if it was on a sunday or midday ish or in city (or wit gong girl).
any way have a chat wit me on
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logan 19/09/07

name: jac
age: 23
bubs name: chloe and jackson
bubs age: 2 on 8th december and 9months
marital status: partner
location: campbelltown
transport: No,apart from public transport

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